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“I really chose Prophesy based on what other company owners were telling me... I couldn’t imagine choosing another solution knowing that those guys were crediting Prophesy for their business achievements.”

- Jason King, President

Prophesy Increases Flexibility for Transportation Logistical Services


Transportation and Logistical Services, Inc. was founded in April of 2003 by company president, Jason King in Atlanta, Georgia. Soon after the company’s founding, Jason and his wife received the exciting news that they were expecting triplets, and chose to move the company closer to family in Birmingham, Alabama, where the company continues to operate in full force.


Jason was determined to find the perfect solution for his company and in turn researched a list of solutions that included appealing features. Jason also asked for input from other carriers that were using tms software solutions at the time. The choice was clear; based on price, services, and the recommendations of fellow carriers, Jason chose Prophesy Dispatch Software to run his business.


Prophesy DispatchSeries software for Brokers is a Windows®- based dispatch and accounting system available to freight brokerage companies, creating efficiency and profitability.

The software streamlines and integrates dispatch and accounting departments and is capable of handling all freight brokering needs, such as finding the best carrier for a load, tracking deliveries and pickups, managing commissions, and much more. Date flows throughout the system in real-time allowing companies to never have to enter data twice.


Since purchasing the original solution, Transportation and Logistical Services has shifted from being a carrier focused operation to a true brokerage and Prophesy has served them well all the while. Jason illustrates, “We chose Prophesy based on the robust carrier functionality that we saw throughout the system. Since we were running both a carrier and brokerage operation, we made the decision to purchase both the carrier and brokerage versions, and we’re thankful that we did. The solution has been completely flexible and has allowed our company to grow and change over time.” He continued, “Prophesy Dispatch for Brokers has been a great investment that has served us well from the beginning, it’s strong and intuitive; we couldn’t have asked for more.”

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