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“In the trucking industry, you either grow or get out. ProphesySeries Dispatch has made growing easy.”

- Tim Kennedy, Partner

ProphesySeries Dispatch Makes Growing Easy for Kennedy Brothers

Kennedy Brothers, Inc. is a family-owned, over-the-road trucking and brokerage company hauling fresh and frozen poultry. Before founding Kennedy Brothers, Inc., brothers Tim and Tony Kennedy built up years of diverse experience in the trucking industry. In 1999, using their combined expertise the brothers struck out on their own and formed Kennedy Brothers with a single truck. 11 years later, from its location in Pink Hill, NC, the brothers now operate a fleet of 50 trucks serving the Northeast, Southeast, and much of the Western United States.

In the early years, the biggest problem facing Kennedy Bros. was the struggle to simply keep up with their maturing business. Partner Tim Kennedy explained, “We first used pencil and paper for accounting and dispatching and eventually moved all of our information into spreadsheets. But our company was growing so fast that it became a nightmare to keep track of everything, and there just weren’t enough hours in the day to stay on top of the workload.” Having outgrown their old processes, the company owners decided to look for an automated dispatching and accounting solution. Tim initiated an extensive search for a trucking software product that would meet all of their needs, while allowing room to further grow, and quickly focused on ProphesySeries Dispatch TMS Software.

Since implementing the software, the staff has experienced significant gains in efficiency allowing them to handle a much larger workload than before. “ProphesySeries Dispatch saves us a lot of man-hours,” said Tim. “There is no way we could handle the volume we have now with our old way of manually writing and keying everything into spreadsheets.”

Kennedy Brothers, Inc. has developed considerably since its founding and has tripled in load size since implementing the ProphesySeries Dispatch system. The company now employs 6 office staff, 25 company drivers, and 30 owner-operators. Its fleet increases at an average rate of 5 - 10 trucks per year and is projected to increase to 60 trucks by the end of this year. The Kennedys continue adding more capabilities to the ProphesySeries Dispatch system as their company grows, most recently having implemented Prophesy’s IFTA fuel tax reporting module. “Customers demand growth and we have to supply it,” said Tim. “In the trucking industry, you either grow or get out. ProphesySeries Dispatch has made growing easy.”

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