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IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting

TaxTally is the most comprehensive and powerful fuel tax reporting tool available for today's truckload carriers


Automatically creates all State Reports, including IFTA, ton/mile, & IRP.

Accurate & Automated

Provides quarterly tax rate updates via easy download, directly into the TaxTally software.

Fuel Tax Reporting

Creates reports on distance driven, fuel purchased, fuel used, MPG, fuel & mileage due, refunds, credits, etc.

What is IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting Software? A good fuel tax reporting solution will turn one of trucking's biggest headaches into a straightforward and simple process. IFTA reporting requires that fleets maintain records of miles traveled in each state along with fuel used, purchased and credits due along with laden and unladen weights along the way. But a good fuel tax reporting solution will track all of this information and create powerful and comprehensive reporting by state which can then be reported by the carrier fleet.

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Used by more trucking companies, brokers and private fleets than all other fuel tax reporting software combined, TaxTally is the most comprehensive and powerful fuel tax reporting tool available for today's truckload carriers. It offers unparalleled ease of use, flexibility and reporting capability. Our IFTA Reporting Software solution lets you audit driver miles to get a precise overview of your fleet activity and current tax liability, putting you back in control of your fuel taxes!

  • All State Forms Included - Contains State Fuel Tax Forms for easy fuel tax reporting
  • Automated Reporting - Automatically creates all state reports including IFTA, ton/mile, & IRP
  • Mileage by State - Verify trip mileage by state, through the built-in capabilities of Prophesy's Mileage database
  • Quarterly tax rate updates - via easy download from the Internet, directly into your TaxTally software
  • Tracks fuel used- as well as fuel purchased, fuel tax credits, fuel tax due, fuel tax refunds, and more!
  • Advanced Calculation - Consideration of vehicle laden/unladen weights and truck axle count when calculating fuel tax liability
  • Automatic conversion and tracking - of US and metric units for distance and fuel quantity
  • Robust Reporting - TaxTally easily creates reports on distance driven, fuel purchased, fuel used, MPG (miles per gallon), fuel and mileage tax due, refunds, credits
Prophesy Fuel Tax Reporting Software for Trucking Companies

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