ELD and HOS Trucking Software Solutions

ELD Hours of Service Integration

Prophesy Trucking Dispatch Software offers a library of powerful integrations to the industry's most popular ELD solutions for truckers.



Rest assured. All ELD integrations for Prophesy DispatchSeries TMS Software have been vetted by our team and certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to meet the FMCSA ELD Mandate requirements.


Prophesy has partnered with the industry’s leading ELD providers to offer full HOS visibility and reporting for dispatcher, driver and roadside inspections right from within Prophesy DispatchSeries Software. This approach gives you the flexibility to select the ELD solution that best meets the needs of your truckload carrier fleet.


Prophesy has created this unique building block approach to allow your for-hire, private, 3PL or brokerage company to grow at its own pace, while providing powerful, integrated solutions to solve every need along the way.

In a nutshell, an electronic logging device, (ELD) eliminates the need for paper logs by automatically recording the driver's Record of Duty Status. ELD solutions simplify Hours of Service compliance In preparing for implementation prior to the December 2017 ELD Mandate. It is critical to seek out an Electronic Logging Device solution that has been certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration, and is fully compliant with Hours of Service Regulations.

In addition, cost-conscious trucking company owners will be pleased to note that the FMCSA has allowed that smartphones, tablets, and rugged handhelds can be utilized. This is often a more viable solution for growing trucking companies.

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Benefits of integrating your ELD with Transportation Management Software:

  • Compliance: Along with HOS, a TMS manages DOT compliance, eliminating maintenance, driver log, or driver record errors.
  • Visibility: Companies can instantly access data to enhance operations - available hours, asset location, fuel consumption, driver behaviors, safety analytics, and vehicle diagnostics.
  • Stronger communication: The increased visibility streamlines communication amongst dispatchers, office staff, drivers, and customers.
  • Simplified operations: Eliminating paperwork and other manual processes saves time and resources by automating the creation of required documentation for ETA calculations and IFTA fuel tax, along with financial reports.
  • Better customer service: Trucking company staff can focus less on legwork and more on meeting customer expectations.
  • Morale: Along with making reporting easier, truck drivers are empowered with their own, separate driver logs only they control.

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