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Teletrac Navman ELD Integration

This powerful new integration is designed to bring enterprise-grade fleet solutions to to your fleet. Get GPS tracking, automatic load updates and seamless two-way driver/dispatcher communication with the Teletrac Navman interface for Prophesy Dispatch

The advanced interface between Prophesy Dispatch and Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR® allows your dispatchers and drivers to focus more on their jobs and less on the legwork of communicating load information. When a dispatcher creates a load, all necessary load data is automatically sent to the driver’s device, and in turn, all confirmations, arrivals/departures, and other updates sent back by the driver are automatically processed by the software. Meanwhile, robust GPS position tracking allows complete visibility over your busy fleet.

Prophesy Dispatch/Teletrac Navman Integration Delivers...

  • Full integration with Prophesy Dispatch
    • Enhanced load position mapping
  • Load data sent to drivers device, directly from Prophesy Dispatch
  • Confirmations, arrivals/departures and other updates sent by driver are automatically processed in Prophesy Dispatch
  • Robust GPS position tracking for complete visibility
  • Unparalleled ease of use
  • Increased operational efficiency
    • Reduced communication costs
  • Integrated eLog capabilities (optional)


  • Seamless integration to Prophesy Dispatch TMS Software
  • Robust GPS position tracking


(Bold text indicates RETURN fields)

  • Stop Level Fields
    • Stop Number
    • Pickup/Drop
    • Shipper/Consignee
    • Location ID
    • Name
    • Address
    • City, ST Zip
    • Phone
    • Fax
    • Office Hours
    • Contact Persons
    • Stop Reference
    • Stop Notes
    • BOL
    • PO#
    • Shipper Reference Number
    • Consignee Reference Number
    • Temperature
    • Special Instructions
    • Schedule Arrival
    • Scheduled Departure
    • Actual Arrival
    • Actual Departure
    • Actual BOL
    • Stop Reference
    • Proof of Delivery
    • Proof of Delivery Notes
  • Load Level Fields
    • Load Number
    • Load Instructions
    • Load Description
    • Load Code
    • Load Code Description
    • Seal Number
    • Equipment Code
    • Load Miles
    • Empty Miles
    • Trailer Number
    • Actual Seal Number
    • Actual Trailer Number
  • Goods Level Fields
    • Goods ID
    • Description
    • Quantity
    • Weight
    • Tons
    • Pallets
    • Pieces
    • User Quantity
    • User Description 1 - 10
    • Actual Quantity
    • Actual Weight
    • Actual Tons
    • Actual Pallets
    • Actual Pieces
    • Actual User Quantity

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TMS Partner Profile: Product Integration

Partner Solution Name: Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR®

Teletrac Navman is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider that empowers the transport industry to manage their resources more effectively. Its fleet management software, Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR®, brings vehicle location, workflow optimization, driver behavior monitoring and compliance management into a single platform. The integration with Highjump Prophesy Dispatch closes the loop between telematics and transport management, providing a seamless process from load creation to delivery.

The enterprise-grade interface offers GPS tracking, automatic load updates and two-way driver/dispatcher communication. When a dispatcher creates a load, all necessary data is automatically sent to the driver’s in vehicle device. In turn, each confirmation, arrival or departure update sent back by the driver is automatically processed by the software. At the same time, robust GPS position tracking allows complete visibility over a busy fleet—directly from the office or on a mobile device.

Features and Benefits:

FMCSA compliant ELD solutions – keep your business compliant with the latest ELD rules

Maximize fleet capacity – ensure that your resources and assets are being effectively deployed

Reduce fuel spend – cut down on unnecessary miles and promote fuel efficient driving

Driver safety analysis – reduce on road risk and cut your insurance premiums

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