Prophesy Development Tools for Developers

Prophesy Tools for Developers

Prophesy Tools for Developers are designed for programmers or system integrators who want to make powerful Prophesy functionality a part of other applications they are developing.

Prophesy Mileage DLL

The Prophesy DLL is designed for programmers or system integrators who want to make mileage and routing calculations part of other Windows applications they are developing.   It can very quickly process a large number of point pairs including cities, zip codes, U.S. postal facilities, airports, military installations, latitude/longitude coordinates, etc.

The Prophesy DLL is interfaced routinely with dozens of existing transportation management software programs such as dispatching, fuel tax calculation, driver log maintenance, drivers' settlement packages, rating programs, accounting systems and many others, as well as with many custom applications developed internally by transportation firms nationwide.

Prophesy DLL lets integrators access the following features of Prophesy Mileage & Routing directly from their other Windows applications:

  • Mileages, routes, driving directions and driving times
  • Mileage breakdown by state (both toll and non-toll miles)
  • Multiple stop sequence optimization and unlimited number of stop-offs
  • Bridge height and commercial vehicle restrictions
  • Detail, summary, delimited and totals-only report formats
  • Optional latitude/longitude information
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