Prophesy Helps Blossom Delaware Valley Floral Group

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Prophesy Trucking Solutions Helps Blossom Delaware Valley Floral Group

Delaware Valley Floral Group is a family owned business that opened on September 22, 1959. The company was founded by Robert and Doris Wilkins, grandparents of John Scott Wilkins, Executive Vice President. The company has grown exponentially since its founding. In 1959, the company consisted of only a few employees; now the company has over 400 employees.

Flower Transfer Logistics is a trucking and 3PL division that was formed about 20 years ago and has been steadily growing since. Currently they own 100 local fleet delivery trucks and 22 tractor trailers that run long hauls to areas in Florida as well as California, Mexico, Texas and Canada each week.

As the Flower Transfer Logistics division grew, management began looking into technology solutions that would help them better run the organization. Before purchasing a trucking solution, the company had been utilizing an in-house ERP system that was primarily designed for warehousing. Though this system was not ideal for the Flower Transfer Logistics trucking division, the staff adapted to it as best they could, in order to do basic billing for trucking. Aside from completing billing within this ERP system, the staff used manual methods like Excel spreadsheets and whiteboards to complete organizational tasks on a day-to-day basis.

In February 2010, the Delaware Valley Floral Group bought a 10-user version of Prophesy Dispatch with third party accounting interface as well as modules for IFTA fuel tax reporting, commercial mileage & routing, SQL database, driver management, fuel card interface and document imaging.

The results that Wilkins and the Flower Transfer Logistics staff achieved from the dispatch system were remarkable. After learning the system, the company was able to account for loads and overall expenses better than ever before. Along with Flower Transfers Logistics’ contentment with the Prophesy Dispatch product, Wilkins expressed his gratitude with the Prophesy Transportation Solutions staff, “We have been very impressed with the Prophesy staff throughout our experience with them. The company has high-level technical support, training and sales representation.”

Within the last two years, the Delaware Valley Floral Group has made a stronger commitment to warehousing and cold storage as well as e-commerce. The company has also increased its trucking base and will continue to look for innovative ways to grow substantially in the future.

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