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“The products and customer service offered by Prophesy are excellent. We’ve been able to save a lot of time and money with the help of Prophesy’s sales and support teams. This purchase was absolutely a worthwhile investment.”

- Randy Broyles, Founder

Prophesy Trucking Software Saves Cumberland Valley Express Time and Money

Cumberland Valley Express, LLC was founded in January of 2006by Randy Broyles and his business partner Chris Denlinger. With a combined 30 plus years of experience in the trucking industry, the duo came together to open the company headquarters located in Ludlow Falls, Ohio. At its start, Randy and Chris were Cumberland Valley Express’ only employees, each running one truck to haul a variety of steel products.

In 2011, Randy and the Cumberland Valley Express crew decided to branch out from using homemade spreadsheets to run the business, and look for a powerful Dispatch software system. Randy knew that the company was in need of something more reliable than their previous methods when their work started to get out of hand. “We felt like we were trying too hard to keep up with all of our work. We needed something to streamline our processes and save us time,” said Randy. Randy went on to explain that it had been getting very difficult for the company to correctly complete all of their daily tasks while using only spreadsheets. Additionally, Cumberland Valley Express had plans for expansion and they needed help getting organized.

Randy looked at a number of solutions including Prophesy and a close competitor. “I reached out to a couple of companies and
Prophesy was the quickest to call back. I was impressed by the responsiveness of the Prophesy sales team; this is something that we hadn’t experienced with other companies.” Randy took part in a 30 minute demonstration over the phone and Internet with a Prophesy sales representative. Thanks to the availability of system features and affordable pricing, Randy immediately knew that Prophesy Dispatch was the right solution for Cumberland Valley Express.

Enter Prophesy
Cumberland Valley Express bought Prophesy Dispatch Multi-Company and Brokerage versions in December of 2011. The Cumberland Valley Express staff took advantage of training in April of 2012 in-house at Prophesy. Randy explained, “We really enjoyed the in house training at Prophesy. Four of us traveled to the Connecticut office to participate in training.” During their training, Randy and three others took an in-depth look at the system. The company’s data was loaded directly into the Prophesy TMS Software and the group was able to use real data to practice every day processes while in training.

The Future
When looking to the future, Randy expects only growth for Cumberland Valley Express, “We’re hoping to double in size by this time next year and we are confident that we will be able to handle it with the help of Prophesy.”

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