Improving Dispatch for Bee-Line Delivery Services

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Key Benefits

“Now that all of our information is housed in one solution, the dispatching process is much more streamlined. Our experienced enhancements include giving quotes, booking loads, generating customer and carrier confirmations, assigning and researching carriers, billing and settlements.”

-Matt McMillan

Prophesy Streamlines Dispatch Operations for Bee-Line Delivery Services

The Company
Founded in 1964 by Gordon McMillan, Bee-Line is a growing non-asset and asset based logistics and freight transportation services company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Originally, Bee-Line provided small package courier services to the Houston area. At its founding, the company consisted of only five employees and less than 50 owner operator cargo vans. Today, Bee-Line remains a family-run business which employs 50 staff members and runs a brokerage operation as well as a trucking operation consisting of a fleet of 150 owner-operators.

Enter Prophesy Dispatch
After researching a number of brokerage dispatch solutions including Prophesy Dispatch Brokerage and more than five competitor products, the Bee-Line Logistics Team decided to move ahead. Intrigued by the Prophesy solution, Patrick McMillan, Bee-Line President, and Matt McMillan, Vice President, requested a live demonstration of Prophesy Dispatch Brokerage with integration to Quickbooks® Accounting from Prophesy National Sales Manager, Kevin Pasternack.

Training, Implementation and Customer Service
After purchasing Prophesy Dispatch, Matt McMillan attended training with Miriam Vella, Prophesy Transportation Solutions Director of Professional Services, over the phone and internet. they worked together to implement the system and proprietary Bee-Line logistics data. the company’s implementation and training experience was very successful. Matt illustrated, “through taking time with Prophesy to discuss an implementation strategy, as well as comprehensive and user-friendly training, we were able to create our own in-house training manual. this was instrumental in the initial implementation of the system and continues to be a huge help in training new users of the software.”

Bee-Line started with an 11 user version of Prophesy Dispatch Brokerage version with integration to QuickBooks® as well as Prophesy’s Mileage & Routing module, Document Imaging and Load Posting modules. Bee-Line has seen strong results as a product of the Prophesy solutions. They describe the results as “night and day”. They are especially happy because they are able to house all of their company data in one streamlined solution. Matt illustrated, “Now that all of our information is housed in one solution, the dispatching process is much more streamlined. We experienced enhancements in many areas including lane charge history searches that make spot rating more accurate, booking loads, generating customer and carrier confirmations, assigning and researching carriers, billing and settlements.”

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