Polar 3PL Benefits from HighJump TMS

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Key Benefits

HighJump TMS offered ease of use, with the ability to copy previous orders quickly for the company’s dedicated operations. The system also integrates with outside software — namely, QuickBooks® Accounting Software.Previously, Polar 3PL’s accountant had to manually enter every invoice sent to a customer and received from trucking companies; now, all of that data can be transferred in a matter of seconds to QuickBooks. This system also allows for integration with SaferWatch®,which pulls safety data for trucking companies.

HighJump TMS helps Polar 3PL leverage seamless integration and data transfer capabilities

Polar 3PL is owned by parent company Great Lakes Cold Storage Inc. (GLCS) under the leadership of CEO Pat Gorbett, and is based in Mars, Pennsylvania, just north of Pittsburgh. GLCS oversees two temperature-controlled warehouses in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, and in Solon, Ohio — each of which house about 16,000 pallets of frozen and refrigerated food items.

When they initiated their search for a TMS, Polar 3PL was still a young company, completing just a handful of shipments each week and doing the bulk of their work in spreadsheets. They looked at systems large and small, comparing the different modules available as they pertained to Polar 3PL’s operational and business structure needs. They narrowed their search down to three TMS possibilities: LeanLogistics, MercuryGate, and HighJump.

As Polar 3PL continues to grow, they have their sights set on customer acquisition outside of their own warehouse facilities. And as their customer base expands, they plan to integrate some of the more complex solutions offered by HighJump TMS into their operations. One goal is to eliminate manual entry altogether through automated tendering. They’d also like to take full advantage of the reporting functionality of HighJump TMS, and to add further integration with other software as their operational needs grow.

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