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SaferWatch® Integration

Protect your brokerage operation from carrier selection pitfalls with seamless integration to SaferWatch® data

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SaferWatch pulls data from multiple government agencies including FMCSA, DOT, SMS, and AM Best. With integration between your Prophesy Dispatch Truck Broker Software and SaferWatch, your brokers will be able to see carrier status warnings and alerts right from your assignment screen, and according to your settings they can be either warned or prevented from assigning carriers that have fallen below your acceptable safety standards.

Verification & Documentation

Upon assignment of a carrier Prophesy will again check the SaferWatch site in real-time to verify that all safety information is current. And when a load is marked en route, system will check SaferWatch once more for consistent, real-time verification of carrier compliance. For your protection, all of this is documented for your brokerage operation as proof of due diligence. Prophesy Dispatch keeps a log of all information and verification dates within the system in the event of an incident.


When entering a new carrier, your team need only enter the MC or DOT number for that carrier, and all of their data will be imported automatically from SaferWatch to populate the record in Prophesy Dispatch truck broker software, saving you time, data entry, and ensuring that all information is the most current available.

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Keeping track of carrier qualifications can be a real headache for any broker. Things can change by the day, and even by the hour. Worst of all, carrier liabilities can become your liabilities without proof that you have done all you can to prevent oversights. For this reason, Prophesy has developed integration with Industry-preferred SaferWatch Carrier Qualification and Monitoring service to empower our users with the most current information possible.

  • General Location & Contact Information
  • CSA BASIC scores
  • Safety Rating
  • Authority Status
  • Whether have Brokerage Authority
  • Whether In or Out of Service
  • Number of Trucks
  • Insurance Info including BIPD, Surety & Trust
  • SaferWatch overall Carrier Risk Indicator
Prophesy Trucking Software SaferWatch Integration

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