Valley Bulk Transport Increased Efficency with Prophesy Dispatch

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“Prophesy had all of the components that we needed, it was an easy choice.”

- John Washabaugh, Co-owner

Valley Bulk Transport Increased Efficency with Prophesy Dispatch

John Washabaugh is a veteran of the trucking industry, and trucking software. So when he set out to establish a trucking company of his own in 2003, he already knew the importance of having a powerful dispatch program to ensure efficiency in his new company. A former user of the TMW dispatch program, John knew that while the TMW program had it’s benefits, he found it to be priced far too high for a fledgling company and set out to find a solution what would meet his needs as well as his wallet.

After careful research on the available options, Washabaugh selected Prophesy Dispatch and Accounting Version 4 in February 2003 to serve as the integral TMS Software program for Valley Bulk Transport. “I looked for something that had all of the features and capabilities that I had become accustomed to with TMW, but more affordable,” said Washabaugh. “Prophesy had all of the components that we needed, it was an easy choice.”

Since the implementation of Prophesy Dispatch, the team at Valley Bulk has found that it helps them to be as efficient as possible. “We would not be able to function well without it” said Co-Owner Jill Washabaugh. “It really simplifies all of the processing and saves us hours of time.”“It does everything well,” said Washabaugh “and it’s a breeze to use, we are very happy with our choice.” The team at Valley Bulk took advantage of the telephone training option, which included working with a Prophesy Trainer over the phone while collaborating live via the Internet. “Miriam, our trainer was fantastic,” said John. “ She worked with us over the course of a couple of days, an hour at a time…and really explained and made sure we got to know all of the features. She was just great.”

The Washabaughs have a bright outlook for their company’s future, they are anticipating continued growth in the new year. In the coming months, they are gearing up to launch their company website to further serve the needs of their customers. Look for them online at!

As a combination trucking operation/brokerage, Valley Bulk Transport currently runs a fleet of 9 trucks and employs a staff of 11, while also handling a team of 11 brokers. From their corporate headquarters in Canonsburg, PA, Valley Bulk hauls specialized dry bulk throughout the continental United States.

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