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“ProphesySeries Dispatch ties together our dispatching, accounting, safety, maintenance, and management teams, so it helps us to avoid miscommunication and takes the guesswork out of our daily tasks.”

- Ramona Marinescu, Accounting Specialist

Prophesy Increases Efficiency for Logistics One LTD

Logistic One, Ltd. began as the vision of veteran truck driver Adrian Leica. Adrian and his wife spent several successful years on the road as a driving team until they began purchasing trucks to form their own small transportation company. At the outset, Logistic One hauled various types of freight and over time won a number of lucrative contracts with large automotive manufacturers, shifting its business primarily into the transport of auto parts.

For the first few years of business, Logistic One used a dispatch software system to handle its dispatch operations. However, they found that the TMS Software was not scalable and lacked much of the important functionality they would need to maintain efficiency and support company growth.

Leica reviewed several leading solutions before discovering ProphesySeries Dispatch trucking software in early April of 2008. Working with the team of National Sales Manager Kevin Pasternack, Leica and Marinescu received a live, comprehensive demonstration of the system in action. With its industry-leading dispatch capabilities, comfortable price point for small and mid-sized transportation companies, and modular design that would allow him to invest in only the features he most needed now and build upon later, Leica knew this was the solution his growing business needed. Also of particular interest to Leica was the built-in load board that would give his staff a clear overview of all loads and company resources, as well as its available interface to his newly purchased QuickBooks® accounting software.

Leica invested in ProphesySeries Dispatch including the QuickBooks interface, with modules for fuel tax reporting, commercial mileage and routing, driver management, and fuel card importing. He also added Prophesy’s SQL database upgrade, providing a valuable increase in speed, stability, and security for his software investment.

Using her advanced knowledge of the ProphesySeries Dispatch software, Marinescu continues to train new and existing employees at her location.

Since implementing the ProphesySeries Dispatch trucking software system, the company has experienced several improvements in its daily operations through the introduction of data sharing, automation, dispatch and accounting integration, and improved visibility of company assets.

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