Prophesy Increases Productivity for GSA International

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Key Benefits

  • Time savings with SaferWatch
  • Increased productivity due to the ability to scan and automatically send documents
  • Growth in fleet size
  • Better organization with the ability to handle brokerage and asset transportation in one centralized system
  • User-friendly interface
  • In-depth training
  • 19 IFTA preparation man-hours saved per month

GSA International Uses Prophesy Trucking Solutions to Save Time and Increase Productivity


In 1983, Gregory J. Stachura founded what we know today as, GSA International, LTD. The Wayne, MI. based company began as a brokerage house and grew to handle warehousing in the early 1990s. In the early 2000s, GSA International added cross-dock consolidation services. In 2006, after more than twenty-five years of friendship, David M. Simpson partnered with Greg. In 2007, the company grew to include a transportation division. Today, GSA International is a full logistics provider with an asset-based fleet and logistics division.


Prior to searching for a dispatch solution, GSA International used an antiquated transportation management system. “The system was really made for billing purposes and had no tracking capabilities. Fuel surcharge matrixes were not available in the system and all of our information was kept in spreadsheets. Because of this, we struggled with having to do all of our calculations manually,” said Mark Simpson, Controller, GSA International, LTD.


While researching multiple software options, GSA International was pleased to see that Prophesy Dispatch offered features that they had not seen in other solutions. GSA International currently runs an 11-user, multi-company and brokerage version of Prophesy Dispatch with Quickbooks, SQL server,and EDI Interface. They also use the Prophesy VisiFreight module,Mileage and Routing, TaxTally, DriverTrax, the Load Posting interface, Document Imaging, and the new SaferWatch™ integration.


GSA International has seen results that were better than expected from the Prophesy Dispatch system. According to Mark, IFTA fuel tax preparation used to take the company 20 hours per quarter to complete and it now takes a mere 30 minutes. Their custom freight bill has also made worlds of a difference for them as well as their customers, and Prophesy Dispatch’s search option has saved the staff time browsing the system for past information.

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