Prophesy Streamlines Business Process for George Van Dyke Trucking

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“I can always get answers when I need them from support, and the training team has opened our eyes to so many features within the software… the training program at Prophesy is a huge benefit.”

- Brad

Prophesy Streamlines Business Process for George Van Dyke Trucking

Prophesy Transportation Solutions, provider of trucking and logistics software solutions to the transportation industry, today released a case study of its customer George Van Dyke Trucking, Inc. This profile details the company’s movement from a whiteboard- and paper-based operation to the powerful Prophesy Dispatch TMS Software.

Growth for the Van Dyke Team has come through careful management of resources and savvy decision-making when seeking out the right tools for their business. In the beginning, all dispatching, accounting, and management was handled manually using whiteboards, pencil and paper… George and Marianne diligently oversaw each transaction themselves and developed a reputation for outstanding customer service. As the company began to grow and entered the early days of computers, they commissioned a custom program to handle basic freight billing and some administrative functions. This met their needs for a time, but they soon found that they were outgrowing the static solution and were in need of an enterprise dispatch solution that could grow with them, while maintaining their standards of customer service.

Seven years later, the company has grown significantly and is quite happy with the continuing power, fit, and features of the Prophesy solution. Due to the Prophesy “building block” approach, the Van Dykes were able to add additional capabilities as their needs warranted. Over the years they have implemented new additions from Prophesy such as Brokerage Functionality (for their brokerage, Van Dyke Transportation), Document Imaging, SQL Server database, and additional user licenses to accommodate their growing team.

“The software has helped streamline our process from beginning to end,” said Brad. “And it has helped our volume… we handle more short hauls than the typical trucking company. It was fairly easy to lose track of whether shipments had been billed or paid with our old system. Prophesy helps us ensure that nothing falls between the cracks, and every bit of revenue is accounted for.”

Adding functionality such as Document Imaging has paid dividends for the company as well. “These days we image everything,” said Marianne Van Dyke. “Scanning and storing the documents makes us far more efficient. In the old days, we couldn’t help but cringe a little when we’d get a call asking for a copy of a P.O.D., because it meant 45 minutes of searching through paperwork. Now we just click, and there it is. It is so simple and looks much more professional to our customers.”

The company continues to grow, with plans to add four new tractors this quarter, and upgrading equipment throughout the fleet. “We feel so blessed to be doing as well as we are these days,” said Owner Marianne Van Dyke. “Particularly when the overall economy is struggling.”

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