Increasing Productivity for NT Logistics

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Key Benefits

  • Increased productivity with less resources
  • Added services including spot market brokerage, freight payment services, consulting, network analysis, and more

Prophesy Increases Productivity for NT Logistics


NT Logistics, Inc. was founded in July of 1999 by Lynn Gravley. Though the company started with only six employees, NT Logistics, Inc. was well on its way to success. Over the years, this privately held transportation management and logistics services company has increased in size exponentially and now has satellite offices in Lubbock, Texas, as well as Springdale, Arkansas.

Previous Processes

In the early days, the team at NT Logistics used a combination of hand drawn processes and an automated optimization product that essentially was more cumbersome than helpful. Gravley said, “We were looking for something that was both intuitive and affordable. The previous optimization product that we used simply wasn’t as user friendly as we would have liked it to be.

The Accellos Investment

In search of a more advanced solution, Gravley, along with three other individuals including colleague Bob Pope, Senior Operations Manager, researched a number of leading solutions and ultimately chose AccellosOne Optimize based on its intuitive interface and affordability. Gravley explained, “Out of all the products we looked at, AccellosOne Optimize offered the biggest bang for its buck. Our choice had to do with the system’s proposed business solutions, as well as its overall affordability. It was the perfect fit for our company.”

Training and Implementation

The Accellos training experts walked the NT Logistics team through the simple installation process over the phone, and the team quickly got up to speed via web-based training sessions with their instructor. Bob Pope said, “Our investment included a block of training sessions, which gave us plenty of time to learn and practice with the software.” Gravley added, “The customer service was great; the instructors were flexible and concerned more with meeting our company’s needs than pushing us quickly through the course.”


Once the NT Logistics team began running AccellosOne Optimize, they were further impressed with the solution. “We are very happy with AccellosOne Optimize. It’s full of useful tools that have helped our business significantly, and at the same time it is easy to understand and affordable.”

NT Logistics has since added services including intermodal, LTL, spot market brokerage, freight payment services, consulting and network analysis. Looking toward the future, Gravley concluded, “With the help of AccellosOne Optimize, our company is able to do more with the same amount of resources, and we can confidently look forward to continuing our trend of steady growth.”

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