Early Trucking Goes Paperless with Prophesy Software

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“Prophesy OnDemand has enhanced our productivity by giving us the flexibility to access all of our information, all the time.”

-Evan Beddell, Systems Manager

Early Trucking Goes Paperless with Prophesy Trucking Software

Early Trucking of Arlington, Georgia, is a carrier of peanuts, corn, grain, and several other agricultural commodities. Formed nearly 20 years ago as a transportation arm of Damascus Peanuts, the company has since grown to a full-scale trucking operation serving the agricultural industry in the southern United States. Much of its core business involves the transport of peanuts from local farmers to processing plants for storage and preparation, and finally to manufacturing facilities where they are used in many of the foods we find in restaurants and grocery stores nationwide. Early Trucking does all of its business in the Southeastern United States, primarily Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.

Early Trucking currently employs a fleet of 36 company drivers year-round, growing to over 40 company drivers and an additional force of up to 50 owner operators during the autumn peanut season, when business nearly triples. To dispatch its fleet, the company traditionally used a leading trucking software system. The already sizeable fleet coupled with steady overall growth prompted a need to automate more processes, quantify and control essential metrics, and scale up the technology; however, the current software lacked the ability to do so. Coowner and controller James Cannon headed the search for a new system to handle the growing needs of his company.

A review of several trucking software packages led Cannon to the Prophesy DispatchSeries solution. Cannon reviewed the software with Prophesy National Sales Manager Kevin Pasternack, and he immediately knew he had found the right match for his company. He invested in Prophesy Dispatch with interface to QuickBooks Pro accounting software, along with modules for commercial mileage and routing, fuel tax reporting, and driver management. He also added the Document Imaging module for document scanning and storage, and the EDI module for electronically transferring order and load status information between the company and its customers.

Early Trucking staff quickly implemented and configured the Prophesy software suite with phone-based assistance from an expert Prophesy implementation specialist. The company’s employees received their initial software instruction by phone and Internet, quickly becoming proficient in using the software
without the need to leave the office.

Since implementing Prophesy software, Early Trucking is able to run virtually paperless. The company uses Prophesy’s EDI module to electronically receive, update, and invoice the more than 800 orders it handles each week, with flawless results. Using Prophesy Document Imaging, office personnel are able to scan and digitally store all necessary documentation, avoiding the messy paper shuffle typical of many transportation companies.

“The ability to scan and organize all our documents helps enormously,” said Jeanne Barton, Dispatcher. “It saves us money in paper costs and time spent filing and looking for documents. Now when a customer calls to request, say, a POD or BOL, anyone in the office can look it up in Prophesy and email it directly to the customer in a matter of seconds.”

Barton added, “Document Imaging and EDI are the way to go if you want to make things easier on yourself and your company. We encourage every other trucking company to do the same.”

With the gains in productivity and efficiency made possible by the Prophesy system, Early Trucking is now able to focus more effort on expanding its fleet and customer base. The company is also reviewing additional Prophesy solutions to further expand its capabilities, including Prophesy FleetTrax to track fleet maintenance, and Prophesy TrackerSeries to handle GPS tracking for its fleet.

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