Crawford Trucking Combats Fuel Prices with Prophesy

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"Prophesy Dispatch is an integral part of everything that we do each day. We've been able to grow without adding office staff."

- Gregg Ryan, Owner

Crawford Trucking Combats Fuel Prices and Grows Revenue with Prophesy


Crawford Trucking of Des Moines, IA, is a dry van TL carrier servicing the US from coast to coast. Crawford has experienced great success since its founding in 1990, becoming a shining example of growth and progress in the trucking industry. Like many successful companies, Crawford Trucking eventually came to a point where it began to outgrow its once useful methods.


“It was utter chaos,” said Gregg Ryan, Owner. “For so long, we had been managing everything using spreadsheets and notebooks, and lots of them. There came a point where we could no longer efficiently sustain the business using these means.” Crawford’s original 8-truck fleet had grown considerably and was beginning to exceed the ability of dispatchers to manage it.


By 2006, Crawford had identified a critical need to implement a new system to eliminate the bottlenecks that had recently been exposed in many of their manual processes. While thoroughly shopping around for tms software, gregg found prophesy and was impressed. “the first thing that caught my eye is that prophesy is modular and is flexible for any type and size of trucking company. i was able to purchase only the features i needed, and the whole package was surprisingly affordable.”


Since their original purchase, Crawford has doubled their number of Prophesy user licenses and added several additional modules and applications including Advanced Fleet Maintenance, Document Imaging, Truck Tracking, and the popular SQL upgrade. “I couldn’t be happier with our relationship with Prophesy,” said Gregg. “My account representative is extremely knowledgeable with the software as well as the trucking industry, which is a very important benefit to us. And in the rare cases where I’ve needed technical support, Prophesy’s Support team has been top notch all the way.”

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