Fuel Tax Reporting With Confidence

Fuel tax reporting and tracking can be an exercise that is both difficult and nerve wracking. With the establishment of IFTA – or International Fuel Tax Agreement – taxation, states and countries now have standardized methods of taxation for shipping companies and truckers. However, this system is still complex and compliance is an absolute must for the company that wishes to remain in safe and legal operation. Getting the tax tables right can be a challenge. With trucking software, however, fuel tax reporting can become simpler and more accurate, saving you and your dispatch hours of time and headaches. Mile, a HighJump product, offers a variety of cutting edge dispatch software tools to help keep your trucking company running smoothly no matter how many trucks you own.

Truck Dispatch Software That Keeps Your Trucks Moving With Precision

One of the main challenges of any dispatch is managing the movement of numerous vehicles with numerous destinations and different loads. Mile makes this process simpler and faster, eliminating the need for old radio and white board systems and triplicate paperwork. With Mile, you can keep track of the location of every truck in your fleet, how much time they have spent on route and off, and pinpoint inaccuracies in the travel log. You can even reroute a truck about to encounter traffic or weather issues and communicate quickly and easily to the driver – and to your clients to keep everyone in the loop. With Mile, every mile on your fleet trucks is accounted for, communicated, and tracked. This ensures that your drivers are using their time wisely and helps eliminate timely and extraneous check-ins with drivers. Even fleet service records are easy to keep and track so you can stay in compliance with state and federal transportation safety regulations – or just spot a lemon in your fleet more easily.

Taxation With Accuracy Saves You Time And Stress

One of the largest concerns with IFTA taxation is accuracy. Taxes are charged per state and per mile but calculating fuel usage accurately can be difficult and lead to underpaid or overpaid taxes. Mile simplifies fuel tax reporting by providing regularly and automatically updated taxation tables that are applied to your existing truck routes. The program can even track mileage with changing load weights for better accuracy. This automaticity keeps your taxation under control, ensuring that you can make needed payments and keep the necessary records in a timely and accurate manner. With Mile as your transportation software, the strain and time loss of manually figuring IFTA taxes is negated. Fuel tax reporting has never been simpler.