IFTA Reports are Now Simpler Than Ever With the Right Software Choice

In the trucking industry, keeping accurate IFTA reports is crucial. Without accurate reporting, your business may not even legally operate, so reporting your IFTA taxes is incredibly important to the running of your company. Dispatch is largely responsible for accurately tracking IFTA reports, but it is equally important that this information involve your financial department as well.

With ProphesyOne, you get trucking software that allows you to easily track mileage and fuel use for IFTA needs, integrate that information between dispatch and accounting, and keep your reports filed regularly and accurately. ProphesyOne, a HighJump product, specializes in offering customizable solutions for your trucking company needs. From fleet management to taxation reporting, this truck dispatch software does it all.

IFTA Reports Made Easy

Without the right software, IFTA reporting can be a nightmare. Because rates vary from state to state and across distances, it is vital that your software take into account current IFTA taxation tables in addition to being able to calculate mileage and fuel use accordingly. ProphesyOne transportation software lets you accurately and efficiently manage all of these aspects without placing time strain on your dispatch and accounting employees.

Trucking modules allow mileage to be accurately tracked, reported, and collated with route information or GPS tracking. Combine this feature with automatic weight configurations that adjust mileage and fuel use based on load and truck weight to gain an accurate figure of actual fuel usage. ProphesyOne offers full tax tables, regularly updated and automatically downloaded, to automatically calculate fuel tax reporting based on this information. Figures can also be instantly gathered and transmitted by accounting to avoid clerical or information distribution errors. IFTA reporting has never been simpler or involved fewer hours than it does with the right software.

Software Solutions Customizable to Your Needs

With ProphesyOne, you gain access to software that provides the components you need. While our consultants have years in the transportation software business to help you, we understand that no software solution is the same for all companies. Particularly for growing fleets, it is vital that your software address the critical needs of your fleet, dispatch, and overall company. With ProphesyOne, you choose the areas you need to address first, with the option to expand your software offerings later. Choose easy to access and install cloud-based solutions, or go for the power of on-site installations. Whichever options you choose, ProphesyOne offers you the ability to manage IFTA reports and all other aspects of fleet management easily.