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Fleet Maintenance

Track Truck Maintenance. Track Fleet Repairs. Maintain Vehicle Profiles. All in One Complete Fleet Maintenance Software Solution!

DOT Compliant

Fulfills all the necessary DOT compliance regulations pertaining to truck fleet maintenance records and inspection reporting.

Preventative Maintenance

Schedule and track all your preventive maintenance as well as unplanned repairs.

Tire Tracking

Track fleet tire usage and truck parts inventory via our new visual interface, (it will even tell you the exact cost per mile over the entire life of the truck tire).

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FleetTrax Premier is the most comprehensive truck fleet maintenance program available for the trucking industry! The software handles inspection reporting, tire tracking, preventive maintenance scheduling, fleet maintenance history, purchase order tracking (PO Tracking), fuel usage, equipment tracking, depreciation tracking, parts inventory, (including bar code scanning and compatibility), work order generation, warranty tracking, customer records, vendor records, automatic costing of parts, automatic costing of labor, maintenance scheduling, maintenance history, tracks unplanned repairs, vehicle profiles, VMRS codes and much more.

Prophesy Fleet Maintenance Software
  • Bar Coding - Easily scan the bar code from any work order allowing the scanned information to appear instantly on the screen.
  • Track Tire Usage – Track the wear of your tires via our new visual interface, (it will even tell you the exact cost per mile over the entire life of the truck tire).
  • Inspection Reporting - Handle truck inspection reporting to ensure compliance with DOT regulations
  • Advanced Work Orders - create and add miscellaneous labor and diagnostics charges, and apply disposal fees
  • Preventive Maintenance - Schedule preventive maintenance by hours, days, or miles.
  • Purchase Order Tracking - Allow you to generate and track both standard and blanket purchase orders (PO)
  • Parts Management - Support and cross-reference more than 14,000 industry standard VMRS codes for easier management of parts inventory and multi-site truck fleets.
  • Inventory Tracking - Track fuel and parts inventory, so that you can analyze your fleet costs and protect your trucking company or private fleet against shrinkage.
  • Warranty Tracking - Track warranty information, and alert the user when a part that is being replaced is still under warranty.
  • Vehicle Profiles - Store comprehensive fleet vehicle profiles
  • Templates - Create truck maintenance histories, work orders and other records for each vehicle in your fleet.
  • Maintenance Scheduling - Handle maintenance scheduling and tracking of all fleet equipment including air compressors, forklifts, and yard trucks, in addition to tractors and trailers
  • Configurable Security - Provide multiple security levels to ensure that employees have access to the areas they need and prevent unauthorized access of data

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