Keep Your Trucks Safe and Efficient With Truck Route Planner Software

Truck route planner software is necessary if you run a transportation business. Routing a truck for deliveries is far more than a matter of just picking up the nearest GPS unit. Routes must be optimized to avoid unnecessary tolls, to streamline and speed up the delivery process and eliminate delays, and to ensure that they are safe and able to accept commercial vehicles.

Instead of relying on any phone to give the best route available, truck route planner software lets dispatch work to choose an optimized route for each truck in your fleet to get your shipments there safely and on time. With Prophesy from Mile, a HighJump product, you get truck driving directions optimized for commercial vehicles, and many more tools that can help make your dispatch run smoothly and efficiently.

A Truck Route Planner That Speeds Up Communication

Rather than wasting hours on the phone or radio communicating with each driver, Prophesy with Sky Track Mobile streamlines communication between dispatch and driver. Routes can be chosen and checked for safety as well as weight and height compliance, traffic or road work issues, and tolls and route optimization. Directions are then automatically sent to your driver’s mobile device to be followed, eliminating the need to explain streets and detours.

With just a few clicks in this powerful transportation software, your drivers get the safest, most efficient, and least costly routes to get your goods from the warehouse to your clients. Dispatch can even track driver progress as they go, seeing deviations, over-long stops, or problems as they happen, and reducing the need to contact each driver regularly. Instead, you can dispatch by exception, only contacting a driver if there is a visible problem, change, or question. Add to this mileage, fuel, and IFTA tracking and you get a powerful dispatch tool kit.

Keep Clients Happy and Up to Date

With Prophesy truck dispatch software, your clients can stay up to date on their incoming shipments or arrival times for trucks to load new freight. Instantly updated locations and down to the minute estimated arrival times keep customers in the know and happy.

Prophesy isn’t just trucking software; it’s a powerful customer satisfaction tool that keeps your company on top.

Communicate real time visibility to both dispatch and your customers as freight moves, eliminating hours of customer service calls and driver checks, and increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. For a truck route planner that expands into other vital dispatch tools, go with Prophesy by today.