IFTA Reporting Software Prevents Costly Errors

IFTA reporting software can help your trucking company avoid costly tax reporting errors. Trying to keep track of IFTA, or international fuel tax association, rates can be a trying and costly experience. With rates constantly updating, varying from state to state, and the need to accurately track and report mileage and fuel use to accurately pay the correct taxes, you need transportation software that can help.

ProphesyOne, a HighJump product, and TaxTally can help you keep track of IFTA regulations and reporting, making tracking mileage and fuel use simple. With ProphesyOne, you get a completely scalable and customizable suite of dispatch and trucking software, created by experts in the transportation industry. If trying to keep track of IFTA requirements is taking too much time for your dispatch and you live in constant fear of misreporting taxes, TaxTally IFTA reporting software can help you get taxation back under control.

IFTA Reporting Software That Streamlines Updates

One difficult factor in IFTA reporting is the need to use the correct tax tables for the correct states, combined with correct mileage and fuel use from your trucks. ProphesyOne easily tracks the mileage and fuel use of your fleet, using advanced calculations to determine use dependent not only on mileage, but on the truck load and weight itself.

Add in the TaxTally suite to get accurate and automatically updated tax tables. Tax tables for each state are constantly updated to ensure accurate reporting, in addition to quarterly updates to ensure overall IFTA compliance. Reports can be automatically generated using up-to-date tax tables and the correct fuel use and mileage for each truck in each state. TaxTally and ProphesyOne provide a suite of truck dispatch software that easily tackles the piles of taxation data and distills it into one useful taxation report.

Tailor Your Software to Your Fleet Needs

Whether you have one truck or two hundred, ProphesyOne and TaxTally can work for you. We specialize in offering powerful software solutions to your company, regardless of size. Our experienced software consultants will work with you to determine your company needs and establish what software components will best help your company grow. With us, there is no one-size solution. We’ll look at your critical need areas, make recommendations, and you can start with the software that helps streamline your trucking and dispatch process the best. With ProphesyOne you can grow over time, adding components as your fleet and business grow. Whether you need dispatch help, truck routing assistance, or IFTA reporting software, ProphesyOne and TaxTally are here to help.