IFTA Reporting Made Simpler Than Ever

IFTA reporting, or International Fuel Tax Agreement reporting, should be simpler than the old days of reporting fuel taxes where every state and region had their own rates and systems, and figuring out what you owed whom was more confusing than the daily crossword puzzle. IFTA’s streamlined taxation process solved much of this, but you still have to keep careful track of what mileage and fuel was used in each state your trucks drove through. If you have multiple carriers or widely varied routes, this can lead to a lot of paperwork and a lot of tracking.

Enter trucking software that can help you streamline your IFTA fuel tax reporting process: Prophesy from Mile, a HighJump product. With Prophesy you not only get IFTA reporting, but a host of other trucking and dispatch features that can take your shipping and trucking business to the next level with efficiency and money saved.

IFTA Reporting That You Can Rely On

Prophesy’s integrated dispatch system is a cut above the rest when it comes to IFTA reports. Combined with powerful dispatch tools, Prophesy will automatically track and generate fuel purchased, fuel used, mileage, mileage due, refunds, and credits with a few clicks of a button. The system tracks the variables for you – so when it’s time to generate those reports, simply let Prophesy create the tax forms and information for each state that your fleet services.

There’s no more guessing on fuel used versus the load of the truck, no more estimating mileage and hoping your tallies match weigh stations and truck inspections. Every detail is carefully taken into account to generate automatic reports. Best of all, Prophesy updates the tax tables for you automatically, ensuring that your IFTA reports are up to date and keeping you in the clear with this important set of regulations.

Not All Truck Dispatch Software is Created Equal

Transportation software is simply not all the same, and is not always designed for your operation. If you are a medium or small sized trucking business that needs powerful tools like the large corporations, then Prophesy is for you. Perfectly scaled – and scalable – to meet the needs of the growing shipping business, Prophesy lets you integrate all of the facets of commercialized trucking into one program that works throughout the trucking process. From warehousing to dispatch to fuel tax reporting and truck maintenance, you choose the components that you need. Start small and build on as you go, or target critical areas where communication and tracking need to be streamlined. Whether you want to start with truck dispatch software that helps trucks travel and route or upgrade your IFTA reporting software, Prophesy from Accellos and Mile.com can help.