Truck Routing Needs Careful Planning and Clear Communication

Truck routing is not just a simple process of pulling up a location on your GPS or smart phone and hitting start. Many considerations must be taken into account when obtaining truck driving directions. The truck may be too heavy with its current load of freight to go over certain bridges or sections of road. Some trucks are too tall to fit through certain tunnels or under various bridges. Tolls can present another problem, adding a cost factor to the route that can stress your budget.

Add all of this to needing to get a truck to a location in a given, specified time, and getting directions seems more like trying to unravel a mystery than pulling up a map.

Fortunately, truck routing can be done easily, safely, and in a cost-effective manner with Prophesy, a HighJump product from Accellos and Prophesy allows your dispatch and truck drivers to communicate quickly and seamlessly and allows safe, affordable, and timely routes to be chosen for each shipment.

Truck Routing Made Easy

With Prophesy and the Sky Track Mobile applications, your dispatch job just got a whole lot easier. Transportation software like Prophesy can help your dispatch choose routes and communicate them automatically to drivers. The system alerts users to commercial driving hazards such as bridges or tunnels, safety concerns like traffic, or toll concerns that might make the trip too costly. Routes can be optimized for speed and time, letting your dispatch and driver choose the route that works best for each individual load.

Best of all, these choices are instantly communicated to the driver’s smart phone, tablet, or other wireless device, making route choices as clear and transparent as possible. With Sky Track Mobile, your dispatch can even see precisely where each truck is along the route, allowing for clearer communication and better client updates with the use of trucking software.

More Than Just Maps

If you are a dispatch for a professional shipping company, however, you need more than just routing. Truck dispatch software like Prophesy lets you track all the pertinent details you need for each truck. Mileage, fuel use, fuel reporting, route changes, over-long stops – all of this and more is clearly visible for your entire fleet.

With Prophesy, you can dispatch by exception, contacting only drivers who are behind or off the expected route, instead of needing to be in constant communication with your entire fleet. Prophesy even lets you track maintenance and streamlines the IFTA tax reporting process. Take your transportation beyond truck routing and make your dispatch as efficient as possible with Prophesy.