Meet Specialized Broker Needs with Freight Brokerage Software from HighJump

With Prophesy from HighJump software, even the difficult-to-meet needs of a freight broker can be met with customizable and powerful freight brokerage software. We know that brokers have special needs when it comes to organizing freight and shipments in the transportation industry. You don’t need truck management software or service records; what you need is a powerful tool that helps you manage and track shipments, multiple carriers, and billing, all without taking hours of your time and wasting piles of paperwork.

Skip the dozen phone calls that it takes to update every piece of your shipping chain, and instead look to Prophesy from HighJump and With Prophesy you choose the features you need to maximize your shipping efficiency and keep your customers happy.

Freight Brokerage Software with Powerful, One-Click Streamlining

One of the major challenges of freight brokering is the sheer amount of information and shipping details that are needed to complete even a single transaction. From finding the right carrier to changing loads to maximize space, the pile of pieces that goes into a successful pickup and delivery can be daunting. Prophesy streamlines your brokering process, letting you enter data once and updating multiple files with each entry.

There’s no need to call multiple employees or customers when Prophesy updates everything for you and puts all of your employees on one page. With easy load posting options and the ease with which you can manipulate, change, and maximize loads, getting your customers' goods paired with the right transport has never been easier. You can even give employees and distance agents access that you control, assigning security levels so that freight loads can be updated within the parameters of your business needs. With freight brokerage software from Accellos, you have a powerful all-in-one tool for organizing freight shipments.

Seamless Integration with Accounting

One of the down sides of many freight programs is that they do not peacefully coexist with existing accounting software, requiring either the purchase of another accounting program and wasting input time and money, or requiring extensive technical support. When you want to get shipments from manufacturers to customers, no one has time for that.

With Prophesy, your program will seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks and other popular Windows accounting software systems to ensure maximum flexibility and usefulness. No double entering data, no lost transfers from your accounting to your shipping programs – everything with Prophesy is designed to make the transition into freight software easy for you.

Don’t risk losing your data and information just because a company wants you to buy an extra piece of software! Instead of shuffling papers and wasting time, look to HighJump and for freight brokerage software today.