Trucking software can streamline your shipping processes

Efficiency is the key to running a successful and profitable transportation business, and trucking software can help increase your efficiency exponentially. With the Prophesy software system from HighJump, you can fully integrate and streamline dispatch and accounting. You will be able to track orders, send quotes, and combine all of those extra monitoring steps that once took several programs and hours of employee resources into one efficient system that saves you time and money. 

More affordable than other dispatch software programs, and able to be seamlessly blended with existing practices, Prophesy is the economical way to improve your dispatch services and make them the functioning workhorse of your company. Unlike some other trucking dispatch software, Prophesy from HighJump can integrate with your existing Quickbooks and accounting systems, making it one of the most powerful trucking software options available -- and cutting the dead weight from your administrative tasks.

Trucking software that integrates with your accounting office

If you currently shuffle paperwork from desk to desk, re-enter data into different programs, or worry about software disconnects between programs, you know that your transportation software ought to be able to work with your accounting team to maximize your efficiency and minimize hassles. Lost receipts and invoices, misplaced quotes, or incorrectly entered information can all cost your shipping services time and money in delayed deliveries and slow billing processes. 

Prophesy solves these problems by integrating seamlessly with your existing QuickBooks accounting software system. This eliminates the need to re-enter data and minimizes clerical errors. It also lets you use the same accounting codes you’ve already established, thus providing consistency of information. Further, your accounting system will now seamlessly cross-reference with Prophesy to ensure timely account delivery, updates, and payments. 

Easy tracking for customer satisfaction

One of the benefits of HighJump’s Prophesy trucking software is the option to track trucks and shipments with dispatch. You don’t need to use several programs to figure out where your trucks and shipments are. Instead, a few clicks can tell you where all of your trucks, trailers, and drivers are at any given time. 

Use this powerful tracking capability to increase customer satisfaction. Late shipments and unknown arrival times can be reduced and eliminated as you offer your customers answers by checking this high-powered software. Reschedule routes and deliveries, update customers, change shipments – all without having to manage separate date codes, extraneous paperwork, or making your clients wait for answers. HighJump’s Prophesy Software has been specially designed by industry experts to provide the features that you need to efficiently manage your trucking and freight brokerage services. Contact us for the best in trucking software today.