Trucking Accounting Software Integration

Trucking accounting software is important to many trucking companies and brokers. Software that offers seamless integration to your existing accounting software is crucial. After all, you already know how to work with your existing software and handle billing and invoices, commissions, and more. Prophesy, a HighJump product, lets you combine our truck dispatch software with the best-selling QuickBooks accounting software without missing a beat.

Our software is designed to give you an edge on dispatching, billing, and more while staying cost-effective and efficient. Your business can succeed with Prophesy. Our software creates an environment where efficiency is standard and profit is automatic.

We hold the Intuit Gold Partner award status. This is a designation awarded only to the highest-rated solutions which have been tested and proven to work flawlessly with QuickBooks. Prophesy is the top-rated transportation software solution, and is preferred by the majority of the trucking industry. You will never have to enter data twice, since all of your critical information flows in real time throughout every part of your business.

Trucking Accounting Software Benefits

Prophesy offers a powerful and easy to use third-party accounting interface. Whether you need to improve the basic flow of your dispatch operations, freight billing, driver settlements, rating, or EDI, we have you covered. We help you improve efficiency by allowing you to import data directly from your Fuel Card provider and speed up your manual tasks, such as Bills of Lading, driver settlements, revenue settlements, driver advances and pay, and quotes to new and existing customers.

Your dispatch functions will be dramatically simpler and help to improve your level of customer service. You can track all your trucks, trailers, drivers, and loads so you know where they are at all times. You can improve communication and ensure a smooth flow of information between your dispatch and accounting departments.

Best of all, you get to cut costs that are generally incurred due to repetitive data entry, administrative errors, overtime, and unnecessary paperwork. Trucking accounting software that offers all of this and more is ideal for any trucking company that wants to succeed and benefit from growing profits and better efficiency.

The best trucking software can integrate into your existing operations and help your business run more efficiently and effectively. Gone are the days of manual tasks and errors, longer wait times and uncertainty, and poor communication and customer service. Prophesy does it all for you and remains a valuable asset to the trucking industry. It is time you decided that Prophesy is right for you. Contact us today to learn how our trucking accounting software can work for your business!