Keep Your Trucks on the Road with a Truck Tracking System that Works

Trying to keep a fleet of trucks on the road can be as challenging as climbing a mountain. A truck tracking system like Prophesy from HighJump and can help. Maintenance and service needs, inspection paperwork, not to mention the daily hassle of load management and simple communication between drivers and dispatch, can all make running a fleet of trucks unbearably complicated. Instead of trusting to voice calls, radio feeds, and paperwork, consider going digital with Prophesy and associated software from HighJump. With this software you get complete control over the shipping process, while still keeping your dispatch and drivers in the loop and satisfying Department of Transportation regulatory needs. Whether you need a viable way to track maintenance or a solution for on-the-road drivers, Prophesy can help.

Mobile Connectivity that Keeps Your Trucks and Dispatch Department on One Page

With Prophesy Mobile components, your trucks and dispatch department are always on the same page. Lack of communication between drivers and dispatchers can hamper efficiency, leading to lost time or mismanaged shipments and angry customers. With Prophesy as a truck tracking system, however, you can be sure that the information flow between your drivers and dispatch department remains consistent and accurate. Important load details can be transmitted instantly between the two halves of the transportation process and, with additional tracking software, your dispatch department always knows where your fleet is and how their trek is going. Even problems that arise are more easily dealt with, allowing you to troubleshoot load changes, traffic issues, or truck problems before they hamper the deliveries that keep your company running. With Prophesy, you get all of the power at a fraction of the cost of most industry mobile solutions, leading to one of the most versatile tracking systems available.

Keep Your Fleet Rolling with a Truck Tracking System

Another component of fleet management is the mechanical needs of trucks and trailers. With Prophesy, easy data entry lets you keep service and maintenance records for each vehicle in your fleet, including inspection records to easily fulfill your requirements to the Department of Transportation. Tracking over time can show you not only when trucks are in need of maintenance, but also when a particular truck may have issues with certain parts. You will be able to quickly notice if a particular brand of part or tire is not doing the job and needs to be replaced frequently. You can even track the cost of mileage on tires.With Prophesy’s powerful fleet maintenance and tracking tools, your trucks can stay on the road longer and with less needless repair time, maximizing your profit. For the ultimate  truck tracking system, look to HighJump and for solutions today.