A Truck Tracking System That Keeps Track of Your Entire Fleet

Dispatching is no easy task, but a truck tracking system eliminates the days of duplicate paperwork and white boards that told you where each truck was located. No more phone calls or radioing in every five minutes. With Prophesy from Mile, a HighJump product, you can dispatch your fleet with the power and flexibility of a major corporation – even if you are a smaller transportation business.

What are the benefits? Not only does fleet maintenance software allow you to keep track of the location of your trucks to increase efficiency and communication, it can also allow you to track other vital statistics about your fleet. All of this is easily accomplished via computer and single-entry data that can be automatically tracked and entered, streamlining the entire dispatch and fleet maintenance process. A good software truck tracking system is, in short, vital for today’s modern trucking industry.

Eliminate Radio Silence and Dispatch By Exception

Particularly if your fleet is growing, you don’t have time to check on each truck every ten minutes. You need to know when a truck has gone off-route, is off-schedule, or is making unscheduled or overly long stops. With Prophesy and the Sky Track Mobile software addition, your trucks' routes, mileage, and movement are all automatically transmitted to dispatch. Because of this, you don’t need to be in touch with trucks and drivers that are on time and on-route. Instead, you can dispatch by exception, contacting drivers only if a discrepancy is noticed or a change is required.

Transportation software can help you make the most of your time and increase efficiency. Additionally, Prophesy also increases communication of vital information to your drivers. Routes can be chosen and automatically sent. Load updates and location changes are communicated quickly and electronically from dispatch to driver. Your entire team stays in one loop with one easy to use trucking software system.

A Truck Tracking System That Also Tracks Vital Information, Not Just Location

You need truck dispatch software that lets you track other vital statistics as well. Location and time updates are wonderful while your shipments are in motion, but there is more to dispatch and transportation than deliveries and pick-ups. With Prophesy, you can track mileage, fuel use, truck maintenance, and all of the other pertinent details that are required to keep a fleet operational and up to date. IFTA fuel reporting can be quickly and easily calculated. Maintenance schedules are easy to view and update. You can even see if a particular truck has a reoccurring problem and needs to be pulled from service. For a truck tracking system that does it all, look to Prophesy and Mile today.