Truck Routing Software to Make Your Shipping Business More Efficient

If you own a transportation business, truck routing software can be a life saver in keeping your fleet moving efficiently. Routing a truck is no simple matter. You can’t just pull up a GPS map and expect it to be the most efficient route for your delivery. Weight restrictions, height restrictions, toll costs, expediency of the route, and mileage are all important considerations.

Because of these crucial details, a substantial amount of time for transportation businesses is spent routing and tracking trucks. Truck routing software can help streamline this process to make your dispatch run more smoothly. Enter Prophesy, a HighJump product, from Accellos, Inc. and Prophesy is transportation management software that can integrate the needs of your dispatch with other facets of your business. From truck routing to accounting department integration, Prophesy does it all to give you the tools you need to make your business grow.

Routing Simplified and Streamlined

If your dispatch is spending a lot of time routing and tracking trucks, Prophesy can help make this process more efficient. Integrated with Rand McNally and specifically designed for commercial use, Prophesy and its Sky Track transportation software provide accurate mapping tools for commercial drivers. Dispatch can plan a route, taking into account mileage, weight, tolls and other restrictions, and send this information directly to a driver’s mobile device.

Best of all, Prophesy can track each truck’s movement, letting you know about route deviations, over-long stops, or other digressions from the planned route. This ability lets your dispatch work by exception, targeting concerns or questions rather than needing to keep in constant contact with every truck. This trucking software helps to keep your dispatch focused on problem solving instead of wasting hours of phone and radio time.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Client Communication With Truck Routing Software

Even your clients can get in on the routing news with Prophesy truck dispatch software. Prophesy allows your clients to log into a remote system to track and see deliveries in progress. Now, your employees can spend less time fielding customer phone calls, tracking trucks, and updating warehouses, and more time addressing problems and keeping your business in working order.

Up to the minute tracking and constantly updated estimate time of arrival updates keep everyone in the loop, relieving pressure on dispatch and increasing productivity and accountability for your drivers. Best of all, clients remain up to date and satisfied with the shipping process. With truck routing software from Prophesy, you get the tools you need to run your shipping business efficiently.