Truck Maintenance Software to Keep Your Fleet in the Best Shape

If you are in charge of maintaining a growing fleet, then truck maintenance software can greatly improve your ability to maintain and manage your fleet repairs, maintenance, and costs. With HighJump Prophesy truck management systems, your fleet management needs can be easily integrated into one catch-all system that keeps all parties updated and your trucks in great repair. Prevent breakdowns with timely maintenance, choose the best parts and tires to keep your trucks in good repair without breaking the bank, and even satisfy regulatory needs with state and department of transport regulations, all with a few simple mouse clicks. Whether you have a few trucks or a gigantic fleet, truck maintenance software from HighJump is the way to make sure that your transportation business stays on the road and keeps on trucking.

Truck Maintenance Software Allows You to Track Maintenance Needs

One of the best features of maintenance software is the simplicity with which it allows you to track the maintenance needs of your fleet. You can enter maintenance histories, parts used, tires replaced – any of the general bits of truck maintenance that, left unmonitored, can eat up your profit margins. View histories to see if particular trucks are prone to certain mechanical failures or see how parts are performing over time. With tire tracking, you can even break down the mileage cost per tire on each truck, letting you choose the best brands for your needs. Best of all, Prophesy software can help you keep your maintenance costs in check, letting you keep your trucks inspected and maintained before problems occur.

Integration to Keep Everyone Happy

HighJump’s Prophesy truck software also lets you fully integrate all of the aspects of your transportation business. With seamless integration with QuickBooks and other popular accounting software programs, your maintenance costs will be handled quickly and efficiently, letting you see the effect on your bottom line. No more fourteen slips of paper just to track new tires. Better yet, maintenance and inspection records can be easily sent and updated with major regulatory offices and the Department of Transportation, eliminating paperwork hassles and ensuring that your trucks are safe and up to date for the road. Seamless integration is one of the most efficient reasons to use Prophesy in your business, particularly if keeping track of vehicles in your fleet has become a hassle for your dispatch and drivers. Why should everyone waste time wondering if a truck needs an oil change and needing to place four calls to find out? Use HighJump Prophesy truck maintenance software and keep your fleet efficient and safe.