Truck Fleet Maintenance Software Can Streamline Your Dispatch Processes

Running a dispatch is no easy task, particularly for a growing fleet. Truck fleet maintenance software can help streamline the entire dispatch process, from truck communication to taxation tracking to maintenance records. ProphesyOne from Mile, a HighJump product, brings you the most flexible trucking software system available, specifically designed for small and medium-sized trucking companies that need the power that large dispatch systems offer.

Don’t rely on paper systems, multiple phone calls, and out-of-date software to keep your dispatch working smoothly and efficiently. With ProphesyOne, you can choose your areas of critical need to target with software, allowing you to update your dispatch and trucking procedures easily and focus on your priorities. Streamline your dispatch operations from communication to tracking to optimize fleet performance, increase customer satisfaction, and improve your bottom line with truck fleet maintenance software from ProphesyOne.

Keep Track of Records, Routine Maintenance and “Lemons” With Truck Fleet Maintenance Software

ProphesyOne provides complete tracking for your fleet maintenance requirements, removing the need to keep old paper slips, records of truck maintenance, and bulky logs just to stay on top of the necessary repairs, upgrades, and replacements in your fleet as required by regulations. Our software system allows you to track and monitor the maintenance of your entire fleet, keeping detailed records, estimating when additional repairs will be required, and even keeping track of parts used.

With detailed tracking comes mileage comparison, letting you easily and quickly see the effects of wear and tear and travel on your fleet trucks. Documentation for regulations is easier than ever with printable, customizable reports and predictions of future maintenance needs. You can even see when a truck has required too many repairs, letting you spot faulty vehicles or larger problems before they cost you more money. With ProphesyOne truck dispatch software, keeping track of your fleet maintenance is easier than ever before.

Transportation Software Customized to Your Needs

With ProphesyOne, you get to choose the components you need that are critical to your operations and growth. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all software solution. Instead, our expert consultants work with you to identify your areas of critical need and offer software solutions to target those areas. If communication is your primary concern, focus on that. If keeping track of fleet maintenance is a priority, focus on that. ProphesyOne is modular and can be installed over time, providing you immediate solutions to critical areas and the ability to upgrade software to expand your dispatch needs later. Whatever solutions you need, ProphesyOne offers the truck fleet maintenance software you need.