Transportation Management Systems Simplify Operations

With HighJump's Prophesy systems, you can find transportation management systems to simplify your trucking operations and administrative tasks, regardless of the type of transportation business you run. Whether you are a Truckload Carrier, an owner-operator, an LTL operation for hire, or a freight broker working to connect clients and transport, managing the ins and outs of trucking can be complicated, due to all of the divisions, parts, pieces, and ever-changing regulations. Solid software solutions can help you to manage all of these pieces without sacrificing efficiency and profit. With Prophesy software from HighJump and Mile, you can find powerful and easy-to-use trucking software to grow your transportation business.

Flexible Transportation Management Systems to Suit Your Needs

One of the most important aspects of any trucking dispatch software is the ability to customize the software or to choose the aspects relevant to your business. The needs of an LTL operator are not the same as those of a dispatch center for a fleet of dedicated trucks for one corporation. With Prophesy you can choose the components you need to operate your dispatch simply and efficiently. With our online, pay as you go option, you can choose the features that work for you, growing your software system and utilities as your shipping business grows and develops new needs. Prophesy is also one of the transportation management systems that can be integrated with your accounting sector. Seamless integration with Quickbooks, Peachtree, and Sage systems lets you combine the administrative power of your dispatching with the convenience of your accounting department. You can limit data entry points for fewer clerical errors. Integrated features such as these make Prophesy an excellent choice for a powerful tool to simplify administrative procedures.

The Expertise to Offer the Tools You Need

With over twenty-five years of experience, the Prophesy division of HighJump has offered transportation software for the trucking industry, and provided powerful solutions to complicated processes and problems. Our software is designed with the transportation industry in mind; we don’t design programs that are from other industries and then forced to fit your trucking business. This focused expertise shows in more options, a simpler interface, and a genuine understanding of what you need in a software suite. More than ten thousand fleets trust Prophesy and HighJump to provide transportation solutions that work. Our systems work with flexible pieces to give you the products you need, while offering the power to provide you fleet tracking, regulation assistance, and powerful load building and optimization tools that maximize your fleet’s efficiency. For the best transportation management systems, contact HighJump and Mile for more details today.