Transportation Management Systems Can Streamline Your Carrier Operation

In the trucking industry, efficiency is key. Transportation management systems allow your company to operate at maximum efficiency by providing software tools to help track fleets, manage maintenance, and integrate delivery and shipping services with your accounting department. Trucking software, however, is not always designed with your needs in mind. Particularly if you are a small to mid-sized truckload carrier or freight broker, standard transportation management systems may simply not be what you need. You need transportation software that gives you the tools you need, stays within your budget, and that helps target areas of weakness in your existing transportation system. Enter Prophesy from Mile, a HighJump product. Prophesy is designed with you in mind to give you powerful tools and modular installation that gives you access to what you need instead of cluttering up your computers with tools you will never use.

Designed to meet the needs of small to mid-sized carriers

While all dispatch centers have the same basic needs – communicate with trucks, track shipments, and help process invoicing and receiving – the size of transportation business you run can drastically alter the type of transportation management systems that work for your needs.

Truck dispatch software has never been more customizable

At Mile, we understand that you have a budget that may be very different from your larger competitors, but your needs are largely the same. Our consultants work with you to determine areas of critical need or areas you want to improve in the dispatch chain. Maybe you want to start with truck communication or invoicing streamlining. Maybe load management is a concern because you are losing profit on loads that are not delivered in a timely manner. Whichever the case, Mile works with you to bundle the software solutions you need in a package that fits your budget. With Prophesy you get transportation management systems that can grow with your company over time.