Transportation Management Solutions That Really Work

You need transportation management solutions that work for your company, not ones that add another layer of useless complexity and hard-to-use software that just makes tracking a painful chore. With Prophesy and other software components from HighJump and, you can be assured that you have transportation management solutions that really work.

Choose the software and support that are right for your company. Whether you are a freight broker trying to find the right solutions to matching carriers and loads or a fleet manager hoping to streamline your dispatch center, HighJump and have solutions for you.

A Variety of Solutions for Varied Company Jobs

The best software solutions are not one size fits all. Just as your transportation company has special tasks and needs, Prophesy and its associated components are modular to allow for the best fit for your business. If you don’t need software to track truck maintenance and service, you don’t have to purchase software for that task.

Because freight brokers, fleet managers, 3pl specialists, and dispatchers all have different needs, HighJump and have created a system that caters to those needs rather than forcing you to choose programs that just take up computer space and processing while they collect dust. Whether you need flexible load management options, mileage tracking and service records, or IFTA reporting, Prophesy has solutions for you.

Best of all, the Prophesy software suite integrates into your current Windows system and with your existing accounting programs. For Quickbooks and other popular accounting software, there is no need to worry, as your Prophesy software will seamlessly tie into these programs. Don’t look to software suites that demand you add a stand-alone accounting portion or additional new software; double data entry can cause errors and takes valuable time. Go with a solution that builds on what already works for your company.

Transportation Management Solutions for the Road

Prophesy systems are not just useful in the office, but can also be extended to the road and your drivers. With add-on systems and fleet management systems, you can make load changes and updates with your driver right in the loop. Critical load information is instantly and easily exchanged between dispatchers, warehouses, and your drivers.

For multiple location businesses, remote access to systems or load information is equally attainable. You can even set security levels that allow different employees to view or access different information, ensuring confidentiality and streamlined processing. While there is no one-size fits all solution for transportation, HighJump and provide high power and easy to use, customizable transportation management solutions for today’s busy freight companies.