What makes good TMS software?

TMS software is a phrase bandied around within the transportation industry as a great solution to efficiency problems in dispatch. You may wonder what this software is and what can it do for you. Should you invest thousands of dollars in something that won’t achieve results? How do you know what the best transportation management software is? There are two facets that you should consider before investing into transportation software: the tools it offers and its fit with your business type. Since not every transportation business has the same goals or services, it is critical that your software meet your needs with tools that fit the problems you face. With Prophesy from Mile, a HighJump product, you gain access to powerful dispatch tools that can be flexibly selected and bundled to meet your needs. Whether you’re a truckload carrier, a freight broker, or an LTL carrier, Prophesy is the TMS software you need.

Trucking software with powerful tools

Prophesy comes with access to numerous platforms and tools that are useful for dispatch management. From truck communications and mileage tracking to customer interfaces that allow your clients to see real-time shipping updates, this software enables clear and easy viewing of where all of your loads and trucks are at any given time.

If you need in-office support for paperwork, Prophesy can handle that too. By linking to your existing >QuickBooks or Sage accounting software, you can make invoicing, receiving and paperwork filing automated and simple. IFTA tax reporting has never been easier either. Our software supports mileage tracking and fuel use and quickly and automatically breaks down mileage and fuel on a per-state basis. Simply download and update the most recent IFTA tax tables and Prophesy will create your tax paperwork for you, eliminating errors and simplifying this complex but necessary process. Whatever the area of need, Prophesy is truck dispatch >TMS software that works.