IFTA Fuel Tax Software That Makes Reporting Simple and Automatic

If your dispatch and accounting are struggling with IFTA fuel tax, software might help streamline the reporting process to make your trucking company function more easily. With ProphesyOne, a HighJump product, you get the ability to track truck mileage and fuel use accurately, integrate with our TaxTally module, and have instant access to simple, streamlined reporting. Instead of worrying about tax tables, correct calculations, and whether or not your figures are updated and correct, let ProphesyOne and TaxTally take the stress out of IFTA reporting.

With decades of experience in transportation software, ProphesyOne is the key to making your trucking company more efficient and more profitable. Whether you are an established company or starting out and looking to grow, we have the software solutions you need, from IFTA fuel tax software to dispatch and truck routing assistance.

IFTA Fuel Tax Software With Automatic Updates Ensures Accuracy

One of the most complicated aspects of IFTA reporting is accuracy. Because IFTA reporting requires different state rates, accurate mileage, and accurate fuel use, trucking software is extremely important and useful to streamlining the reporting process. With TaxTally, you get access to several features that integrate fully with our ProphesyOne system.

Start with ProphesyOne to track accurate truck mileage, tallied with complex calculations that incorporate mileage, fuel use, and fuel use adjusted for truck and load weight. From there, TaxTally takes this information for each truck, combined with route information from the trucks' traveled states, and automatically generates taxation reports for IFTA. With quarterly, automatic rate updates and regular updates of state tax tables, your calculations are always accurate and up to date. Reduce errors, fines, and difficulties from misreporting, and stay within IFTA regulations for your entire fleet with our truck dispatch software.

Customizable and Scalable to Your Company

Whether you are a new company starting out or a two hundred truck fleet, ProphesyOne and TaxTally can meet your needs. Each of our software suites can be customized to your requirements and your critical areas of growth. Choose the components you need to streamline your trucking fleet’s operations, instead of buying a one-size software suite that clutters your system with unneeded features.

Our consultants will work with you to identify your most important areas and help you choose the options that work best for you. Whether you want a new software system and dispatch installed on site, or a less expensive and less intensive cloud-based solution, ProphesyOne has the IFTA fuel tax software solutions that you need to suit your business.