Prophesy the Intuitive Fleet Routing Software

In order to streamline the communication within the transportation business, many companies have embraced fleet routing software. The dispatch side of the business is occupied with the task of organizing the ever-changing shipping and loading needs while maintaining effective communication, and then following up with accurate invoice collection. This requires stable and intuitive trucking software which performs multiple functions on numerous levels.

Route optimization software, such as Prophesy, a Highjump Product, offers the stable and real time accuracy that gives a transportation business the leading edge that other fleet centric software does not provide. Prophesy provides ultimate efficiency and flexibility with the ability to modify components and services to fit your individual trucking business. This HighJump product is the leading provider of software solutions designed to manage the many aspects of a growing trucking operation for both public and private fleets with integrated, comprehensive and easy to use features. Prophesy software is designed by the transportation industry’s top experts, which understands the complexities of trucking and shipping. It is fleet routing software made for the transportation industry, by the transportation industry.

About Prophesy

The world leader in the supply of logistics management software, HighJump is proud to offer: Prophesy. Prophesy takes a comprehensive approach to fleet software which encompasses the entire process of transportation inclusive of fleet management, routing, billing and continued software support. While the market offers route optimization software that is worth exploring, the fact of the matter is that many might not deliver, beyond acting as a simple mileage calculator.

Prophesy began to develop an innovative fleet routing software after recognizing that the complexities of the trucking industry had expanded far beyond the needs of only a mileage calculator. This software was developed to become one of the most powerful and successful fleet software available. It features Dispatch and Accounting operational software, a fully integrated Mobile Communications / Truck and Trailer Tracking system (AVL), and a sophisticated Load Building and Route Optimization product.

HighJump’s Prophesy develops and distributes trucking software, Dispatch Systems, and Transportation Management System (TMS) Solutions for Shippers, Logistics Companies, Freight Brokers, Truckers, Carriers, Fleets and Owner Operators. Our integrated route optimization software provides comprehensive software tools to private fleets, truckload carriers, LTL carriers, shippers, and agents. Our software is designed to provide the support required to be effective both in the field and in the office. We are proud to be the leader in fleet routing software for the transportation industry, having delivered over 25,000 software products to more than 10,000 public and private fleets across the United States.

Route Optimization Software Which Improves Communication

In an effort to improve communication between the road and office, trucking companies are implementing route optimization software. With any business, effective communication is essential. For the trucking industry it is without question, not only the most important factor for success, but also the element that breaks down most often. The pieces of your shipping business need to work together, and Prophesy allows for the ultimate integration of all aspects of your shipping business into one program. Prophesy offers high-end communication through intuitive real time software designed solely for the trucking industry. One of Prophesy’s features, Skytrack Mobile, is a powerful tool that keeps dispatch and the fleet in constant communication.
With Prophesy’s fleet routing software, driver routes are more easily updated and viewed through a map application. Every trucking carrier knows that changes are inevitable. Prophesy’s trucking software enables changes to loads and routes are updated quickly and efficiently communicated. Prophesy allows the simultaneous dispatch and tracking of a company’s fleets and loads, conveniently allowing you to alter routes as needed. Our software allows for ease of use. As important trucking load details are shared through the software’s easy-to-use interface, communication between dispatch and the road is seamless. The days of ineffective communication due to inadequate radio frequencies are gone. The frustrating task of drivers having to find an exit in order to stop and make phone calls for directions and instruction are also gone.

The progressive real-time feature of this innovative fleet routing software allows the entire team to be digitally updated with maximum efficiency and safety. For example, as the fleet is en route, dispatch is able to track and communicate with the drivers as they make their rounds. The software allows for input to inform the customer of the time of delivery. This optimizes the dispatcher in their ability to manage the fleet and optimizes the comfort level for the customer through regular and accurate updates.

The route optimization software makes continuous updates should there be any unforeseen delays—these are reflected in the receiving records which then is reflected in the updating of accounting and invoicing. Prophesy’s fleet routing software makes communication and fleet management more fluid with automatic updates of this innovative software. Regardless of the task, whether it is searching for route or map information; or invoice and billing updates, Prophesy’s trucking software solutions can automatically generate updates without loss of information or communication.

Prophesy’s fleet routing software enables any company’s communication between dispatch and the road to be more effective. With simple commands, critical details and information are exchanged between dispatch and the fleet. This software enables the use of smart phone technology, offering seamless, wireless communication which allows the management team to identify a vehicle’s location, and in real time track the progress of shipments. This enables not only dispatch to manage the shipment, but it also enables the customer to stay in the loop through route optimization. Whether the company runs their own fleet or acts as transportation broker, Prophesy’s trucking software will help improve operations and efficiency. It is software that allows the customer to effectively track outbound and inbound fleets.

From the standpoint of the customer the software pays for itself through customer confidence in their shipping partner knowing that their shipments are moving at an efficient pace. This impacts the reputation of any business. Prophesy is trucking software that results in effective and accurate communication between staff and fleet; increasing both employee satisfaction and profitability. With Prophesy’s route optimization software, as employee performance improves it directly increases customer satisfaction. The effectiveness of Prophesy comes from the element of “one-time data entry” which minimizes errors across departments while increasing productivity due to eliminating task redundancies.

Fleet routing software will streamline the shipping process by allowing management to input client instructions directly into the system which is then accessed by all relevant employees. Gone are the days where data was entered at multiple points; which ran the risk of costly clerical errors. Now, everyone from the warehouse manager, to accounting, to the dock loaders is able to access the information they need in real time. With a few clicks the information is instantly available to every department simultaneously. Ensuring that changes are made, everyone will remain on the same page without missing a beat.

Accounting Made Easy With Prophesy

This same real-time function applies to the accounting process as Prophesy’s complete trucking software suite allows for accounting’s control system to keep things flowing smoothly. This is something a simple mileage calculator cannot perform. The ability for a seamless integration with QuickBooks and other Windows accounting programs means that, like with dispatch, data is entered only once, maximizing efficiency and minimizing expensive mistakes.

With this comprehensive route optimization software, billing and receiving changes are communicated to the fleet for ease of payment with a few clicks to maximize efficiency and avoid late or under-filled shipments. This results in the paperwork trail being reduced to a few simple digital commands within the software interface; freeing dispatch to focus on routing the fleet. This powerful combination of streamlined billing and invoicing makes Prophesy one of the most powerful trucking software suites available for carriers and shipping companies. If your business needs to expand beyond a simple mileage calculator found online, this is the software for you.

Keeping an eye on the cost of doing business, Prophesy allows customers to purchase the fleet software in an a la carte’ manner, meaning that you can add components and services as the business expands without purchasing unneeded components. It is important to be aware that some trucking software requires purchasing several components that are either redundant, or requires you to purchase unnecessary third-party accounting software. Your route optimization software should be able to perform with your accounting program. There should be successful integration between the two systems.

With Prophesy, the fleet software from HighJump, there is no need to purchase additional accounting software or “add-ons.” Prophesy fully integrates seamlessly with most existing Microsoft based accounting programs, eliminating the need to purchase further proprietary software. A mileage calculator cannot compute beyond driving miles, and is not created for comprehensive accounting. Also there is no need to remove the current data from the existing system, which risks human error in repeated entries and re-entries.

With Prophesy all that is required is the simple transfer of customers and transportation data from the accounting system into Prophesy. The trucking software blends the functions of a company’s dispatched loads with billing, invoicing, and receiving. Although Prophesy' mileage and routing software solution does have a mileage calculator function, the benefits are more far reaching in its scope and function.

A Mileage Calculator And More

For the trucking industry, a mileage calculator is important. All software innovation aside, a company’s fleet of trucks and drivers are the backbone of any carrier or trucking service. It does not take a calculator to compute that their contribution is incalculable and the mileage they put on the road can make or break your business. When taking into consideration purchasing fleet software, one question is whether or not the time on the road is being maximized by the fleet. The software has to be more inclusive than acting as a simple calculator of mileage.

Road safety is an important factor in route optimization; and the software dispatch capabilities should factor in that the drivers are driving within the limits of hours as set for safe passage. In addition, the mileage calculator is important for estimating the time frame for truck maintenance and routine fleet service. Prophesy’s software ensures your fleet’s route optimization is accurate and on-point. With the ability for dispatch to track routes, drivers, their trucks, and the goods en-route, efficiency, and safety management increases. This will be reflected in reduction of premiums when it comes time for annual liability insurance renewal. In using Prophesy’s fleet routing software, a transportation company gains one of the most powerful tools for route optimization and fleet safety. It is software that encompasses the whole trucking process.

Prophesy Fleet Software That Builds Customer Confidence

Prophesy offers not only comprehensive solutions, but delivers comprehensive results that benefit the customer. Route optimization software increases communication, productivity, and provides the ease with which to manage transportation companies. These important elements increase client and employee satisfaction by allowing for clear communication, expectations, and updates. No other fleet routing software can boast this. It almost goes without saying that there is nothing that will decrease productivity like poor employee morale or customer dissatisfaction. Trucking business owners know that an infuriated customer is a short term customer. In freight brokerage, these are not the kind of problems one can afford. Therefore purchasing proven trucking software will improve the reliability and reputation with their customer base.

Prophesy has established itself as one of the most powerful and versatile fleet software programs on the market. Our component based software allows the client to select the features needed eliminating unnecessary software purchases. It is Prophesy’s versatility and stability that provides our customer base with the confidence and satisfaction that has become the hallmark of our success. With over twenty-five years in the transportation business, it is important to choose software that was created for the trucking industry, by those experienced in the trucking industry. Prophesy is fleet routing software at its best.