Fleet Maintenance Software Can Maximize Your Fleet’s Effectiveness

How can fleet maintenance software help your shipping operation? The trucks and trailers in your fleet are the most vital part of your transportation operation. Each truck acts like a link in the chain, hauling and delivering goods from your warehouse to your clients. If one or two links is weak or broken, the entire chain can fail. 

For many businesses, fleet repair tracking is the only way to ensure that all of these links stay strong and functional. Therefore, while it is often easy for a transportation business to see the need for trucking dispatch software, keeping your fleet maintained so that all of your vehicles are available for dispatching is equally vital. Without transportation, after all, your business may be crippled and unable to function. 

Prophesy software can help ease the difficulties of trying to keep track of your trucks, their maintenance records, and the detailed profiles needed to keep your trucks in tip top shape. Unlike traditional paperwork systems, trucking software allows you to do this in real time and with an efficiency that slips of paper can never match. 

Fleet Maintenance Software Speeds the Flow of Information 

Often, keeping your vehicles maintained can be a time-consuming process, especially if the information you need is kept in a variety of different paper files. A great deal of time can be lost hunting for the specific document or record needed, especially with a large fleet. 

Fleet maintenance software like Prophesy, a HighJump product, on the other hand, helps you increase the speed of maintaining your fleet. You will no longer need to worry about losing precious time determining which of your vehicles is up to date on its maintenance, and which ones need work, thus boosting your fleet's safety. Information is instantly accessible, and real time updates mean that communication is not mired in the time it takes to fill out and deliver paperwork. With Prophesy, a HighJump product, you will be able to easily keep track of truck repairs and maintenance schedules, fleet maintenance schedules, and maintain profiles on each truck so that your entire business knows which of your trucks is operational and in use. 

With Prophesy's software package, you can even track the wear and tear on your tires, giving you detailed break down costs of tire wear over time, preventative maintenance schedules, and emergency repair needs. Whether you need fleet maintenance software to track parts inventory or need it to streamline the process of keeping an eye on a giant fleet of transportation vehicles, HighJump Prophesy software can help you.