Prophesy Transportation Software Offers More Than Just a Driving Miles Calculator

Regardless of the size of your transportation business, a calculator to factor driving miles is vital to its success. Prophesy trucking software, a High Jump product, offers stable and comprehensive trucking dispatch software, which will streamline your operation, increase your efficiency, and eliminate errors that can result in lost business. It takes the place of the truck mileage calculator in that it offers a comprehensive approach to the transportation business. Fully compatible with your accounting and transportation software, Prophesy software optimizes the management workflow of your trucking business whether you own and operate your own fleet or are engaged in brokering shipments for clients.

Prophesy is developed and distributed throughout the world as a leader in the supply of logistics management software. Known for their premier product line of comprehensive software solutions, High Jump is proud to offer Prophesy's full suite of transportation management software solutions. While there are many truck mileage calculators worth looking into, many fail to deliver beyond simple mileage tracking.

In the beginning, The Prophesy Transportation division offered standard tools such as Load Building, Mileage, an IFTA compliant calculator and a Fuel Tax reporting module. Seeing the need beyond a driving miles calculator, Prophesy began to develop an innovative trucking dispatch software suite that expanded its offerings to include comprehensive Dispatch and Accounting operational software, a fully integrated Mobile Communications / Truck and Trailer Tracking system (AVL), and a sophisticated Load Building and Optimization product.

Today, Prophesy provides the most comprehensive suite of trucking dispatch software for Windows®, the platform of choice in the transportation industry. We are proud to be the leader in the transportation industry having delivered over 25,000 software products to more than 10,000 public and private fleets across the United States.

Full Integration for Your Business

Oftentimes, businesses are not in the market to overhaul their entire trucking dispatch software platform and are more interested in adding to an existing system. They are looking for the benefits of an individual component that will assist in the efficiency of their current IFTA based accounting software. When purchasing software in “a la carte” fashion it is easy to purchase a system that does not integrate well or that is redundant with current trucking dispatch software platforms. More importantly, many trucking companies discover that purchasing “a la carte” means that the “add-on(s)” require more “add-on(s).”

With its ability to integrate seamlessly with your existing IFTA calculator software, Prophesy, the comprehensive trucking software from HighJump, has eliminated the frustrating step of purchasing additional proprietary software. Gone is the potentially disastrous step of removing data from your existing system which risks the potential of repeated entries and re-entries. A simple truck mileage calculator offers none of the benefits found in Prophesy. With a simple transfer of customer and transportation data from your current accounting system, Prophesy integrates the data, incorporating the shipping, receiving, billing and invoicing information.

Prophesy offers the best possible solution in trucking dispatch software by eliminating the unnecessary and redundant. A customer is able to simply pick and choose the components that are most needed based on what best serves the client. Being customizable and fully integrational is what has set Prophesy apart from other trucking dispatch software. Prophesy allows a customer to select the features they need to make their business succeed.

Whether it is a simple truck mileage calculator or tracking program ideal for fleet managers or owner operators, Prophesy’s versatility means that a customer can choose the options they need without making program usage complicated. We have eliminated the potential of taking up valuable computer processing time by offering what is necessary in trucking dispatch software. Prophesy offers a full range of components from a simple calculator that factors driving miles to a full transportation management system that streamlines the load selection and management process.

Prophesy Makes Fleet Management Smooth and Efficient

 Not all dispatch software for the trucking industry is created equal. With Prophesy software you gain access to powerful trucking dispatch tools. Prophesy is a fully customizable software solution that offers the effective tracking elements required to keep the three heads of the transportation business (Fleet, Dispatch and Administration) flowing smoothly. Operating a smooth trucking dispatch operation is challenging, however with the right system software; the process of fleet management can become more streamlined and efficient.

Managing trucks on the road, time tables, invoicing, driver schedules, managing IFTA taxation software solutions, and maintenance all require effective tracking and proper attention to detail. Calculators that offer only the factoring of truck mileage are not capable of these functions. One of the largest challenges of managing dispatch is keeping track of your trucks, where they are, where they are going, and appropriately managing any changes or alterations to schedules and routes. Not to mention, without proper software, factoring ITFA taxes can be a challenge.

Prophesy trucking dispatch software makes fleet management more fluid, allowing the customer to effectively communicate with outbound and inbound fleets, keeping shipments moving at an efficient pace. Using smart phone technology, Prophesy offers seamless, wireless communication, which allows the management team to locate a vehicle’s location, and in real-time calculates the trucking miles which aides in the progress of shipments. Prophesy’s single-point data entry capabilities allows dispatchers to enter information and disseminate to the fleet, warehouse and the client, keeping all parties informed and up to date on the changes that affect transportation deliveries.

Prophesy’s innovative truck dispatch software enables the business to manage every step of the shipment process from the time of outbound departure through to delivery at the client’s destination. Whether the goal is to improve the management flow of your dispatch operations, streamline your accounting department or stay in compliance with DOT regulations, Prophesy is the central solution for managing every part of your transportation business.

This powerful and effective truck dispatch software makes fleet management efficient and streamlined which directly results in greater profitability.

A Business Solution to Replace Your IFTA Software

The management of Interstate Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) can be a challenge. An old school desk calculator may have been acceptable to configure truck mileage decades ago, however today this could result in inaccuracies. In today’s fast paced world, a proper “calculator” to assess driving miles is vital to the success of the business to increase the accuracy of IFTA tax reporting. A lack of effective software can result in an unwanted IFTA audit. Every business needs a calculator to factor driving miles. That is a given. A software that acts as a driving miles calculator is important, however the more valuable asset comes in the ability to calculate IFTA taxation.

While it is true that most trucking software will act as a calculator to factor truck mileage, the truth is that many do not incorporate the comprehensive tools required to properly calculate IFTA taxation without the risk of manually factoring in all of your fleet’s mileage in various states. Believe it or not, most rudimentary IFTA software does not perform this function automatically; it is still performed manually. They are essentially glorified IFTA calculators. What many software providers fail to understand is that it is not a matter of operating a calculator to figure truck mileage; it is about tracking the entire operation’s potential tax liability.

Tax rates vary from state to state, therefore it is vital that your software takes into account the current IFTA taxation tables, in addition to being able to calculate mileage and fuel use accurately. Prophesy offers the most innovative trucking dispatch software, which saves time and prevents costly mistakes. With the most comprehensive “calculator” to factor the driving miles, such as the system Prophesy provides, mileage tracking can be managed for several locations. This offers the “big picture” when factoring in the driving miles tax liability. A basic calculator cannot perform that function. In addition, this innovative “truck mileage calculator” system can factor in the load weight and the fuel used in order to accurately report mileage.

Comprehensive IFTA software will assist in one of the more complex aspects of the trucking industry: IFTA tracking. The International Fuel Tax Association regulates the shipping taxes on fuel across states. Different states have different tax rates, therefore the tracking process can provide difficulties for even the most attention minded companies. A simple IFTA compliant calculator may not be sufficient to manage all of the data needed to file accurate IFTA forms. Having a powerful software tool to manage IFTA tracking will provide accuracy and relieve the stress that comes with ensuring proper compliance of transportation laws.

Regardless of whether a client has a modest number of trucks, or a large fleet, Prophesy provides customizable components that will enable accurate IFTA tracking. Prophesy offers peace of mind that your IFTA matters are accurate and airtight. Other IFTA software cannot guarantee that level of security. With Prophesy software, IFTA tax tables by state are regularly updated to ensure complete IFTA compliance. With the ability to integrate the IFTA software into your existing accounting structure, it is more efficient to remit payment thus making it a step in the tracking process, eliminating missed deadlines and lost reports.

In the business of transportation, keeping accurate IFTA reports is nothing to be taken lightly. Software that acts solely as an IFTA calculator may not offer the comprehensive support needed for submitting accurate reports. Without accurate reports, a business may run the risk of operating illegally, therefore submitting accurate IFTA tax reports are vital to the running of your company. Since carriers are responsible for accurately tracking IFTA reports, it is equally important that this information is sharing accurately with the accounting department. The competitive edge with Prophesy is that as opposed to simple IFTA software, our advanced system enables the ability to track mileage and fuel use for IFTA reports, integrating that information between dispatch and accounting, thus keeping all reports filed with regularity and accuracy. The software’s ability to instantly gather and transmit figures in real-time all but eliminates accounting errors.

A Trucking Dispatch Software for Companies of All Sizes

Prophesy's TMS software features tools that other trucking dispatch software does not. Offering powerful dispatch tools and a more robust means of tracking than a calculator which solely factors driving miles, Prophesy is a complete system for business communication. An increase in employee communication leads to greater productivity and reduced error, which leads to higher profitability. Prophesy enables dispatch to track the entire fleet, allowing for a smoother operation, and resulting in the elimination of employee error and the subsequent costs of employee error rectification. Many of our clients have eliminated needless paperwork and clerical errors by automating the dispatch processes, which resulted in a more efficient means of tracking shipping routes and potential schedule delays.

 HighJump has taken the principles of success and used them as the solid foundation of our top-selling trucking software product line, Prophesy. We take pride in being able to claim that we outsell our nearest competitor 3 to 1, offering IFTA compliant software to more trucking companies and private fleets here in the United States. The strength of our software lies in our affordability, user-friendliness and complete integration. Prophesy products are designed to work together as a complete Transportation Management System (TMS), exchanging information in real-time, improving your ability to streamline operations while increasing profitability.

Prophesy is Built upon the Foundations of Success

With Prophesy, clients gain more than a truck mileage calculator. They gain access to software that expands as the needs of their businesses develop. High Jump is in the business of ensuring your success with a more robust, more flexible and more efficient total fleet management software solution that addresses the critical needs of your transportation operation, with the benefits of expanding as the need arises. If you are looking for trucking dispatch software which offers more than just a driving miles calculator, then Prophesy is the right choice for your transportation company.