A Reliable IFTA Mileage Calculator

If you are a trucking carrier, you need a reliable IFTA mileage calculator that won’t leave you in a financial lurch each quarter. Sure, you could attempt to file all your IFTA taxes manually the old-fashioned way, but why waste the time? What computer systems can you trust, however, to ensure that this important tax is filed correctly and in a timely manner?

With Prophesy from Mile, a Highjump product, you get access to TaxTally, one of the transportation industry's leading tax filing software systems for IFTA taxes. Prophesy isn’t just trucking software, it’s transportation software that gives you the ability to track mileage, taxation, and numerous other important factors for each of the units in your carrier fleet. With Prophesy, you get a reliable IFTA mileage calculator and so much more.

An IFTA Mileage Calculator With Proven Results

Tax Tally, the reporting feature within Prophesy, is a leader in IFTA fuel tax reporting, trusted by industry leaders and available through Prophesy to smaller and medium-sized businesses as well. Tax Tally does away with the hassle of manual tax reporting and organization, automatically creating reports for each state, downloading updated rates automatically, and allowing you to break down the mileage and fuel usage for each vehicle in your fleet.

This automation, combined with unparalleled accuracy, allows you to not only see what every truck in your fleet is doing in terms of travel, but also to accurately and quickly report important IFTA taxes. Coupled with Prophesy’s mileage database, you get a breakdown of taxation per state as well as the ability to adjust for loaded and unloaded vehicles and weight fluctuations. With Prophesy, you get powerful and automated IFTA calculation tools that take the burden off quarterly reporting and increase the accuracy of your filing process.

More Than Just a Taxation Calculator

Prophesy’s power lies in its versatility as truck dispatch software. IFTA calculations are only one feature in this software suite, designed with twenty years of industry backing and experience to make your carrier or trucking business run smoothly. Dispatch software, mileage trackers, load management – Prophesy does it all and reduces the amount of paperwork, the number of clerical errors, and the hours your employees have to put in to keep track of your fleet.

These features, once reserved for only large corporations, can be easily and economically rolled out in your smaller or medium-sized shipping business, giving you the power of big box warehouses without the big box price tag. Instead of relying on the old whiteboard and duplicate forms, let Prophesy revolutionize your shipping business today with its reliable IFTA mileage calculator and other powerful features.