Keeping Track of Trucks and Drivers with Driver Log Software

If you run a trucking business, then driver log software may be useful for you. Trucks and drivers are the lifeblood of any carrier or trucking service. Without drivers and their rigs, goods would stay stuck in warehouses. Are your drivers maximizing their time on the road? How can you ensure that they are driving within the limits of hours as set for safety? What about tracking truck maintenance and service as well? Driver log software such as Prophesy from HighJump and is one way that you can ensure your drivers, trucks, and goods are all traveling safely and efficiently, all with a price tag that is highly affordable. With Prophesy, you can gain one of the most powerful tools for tracking trucks, drivers, and maintenance, thereby fulfilling an essential need for any carrier company.

Pair With Powerful Mobile Communication Tools for Constant Communication

Prophesy from HighJump pairs readily with AccellosOne Skytrack Mobile for a powerful communications tool that keeps your drivers and dispatch department in touch. Using a simple interface via mobile phone, drivers and dispatchers can remain in constant contact. Routes are more easily updates and can be viewed via maps. Changes to loads and routes are quickly and efficiently communicated. Both dispatchers and drivers are able to access important load details via an easy-to-use interface. Gone are the days of radio and phone calls and trying to route loads through paper maps. Skytrack keeps everyone digitally updated and lets drivers operate with maximum efficiency and safety.

Driver Log Software Continues Working Back at the Dispatch Department

Meanwhile, Prophesy lets your control systems keep things flowing smoothly. Seamless integration withQuickBooks and other Windows accounting programs means that data is entered only once, maximizing efficiency and minimizing costly clerical errors. Billing and receiving needs are communicated to drivers for ease of payment, and the paperwork trail is reduced to a few simple digital clicks. At the same time, dispatching systems help keep track of your drivers and loads, letting you move or alter routes and loads with a few clicks to maximize efficiency and avoid late or under-filled shipments. This powerhouse combination of streamlined billing and invoicing and driver organization and communication makes Prophesy one of the most powerful software suites available for carriers and shipping companies. Further, Prophesy allows you to purchase the software pieces you need – meaning that you can expand your business later – or reduce your offerings without having to deal with software problems. For the best driver log software, contact HighJump and today.