Trucking Software Programs Can Help Automate Fleet Management

For those in the supply chain industry, trucking software programs can help manage your fleet easily and efficiently. Not all trucking software, however, works for all companies. Medium-sized, small, or growing companies often have special needs and requirements that make regular software packages unusable, bulky, or too pricy to be effective. Unfortunately, these programs are also critical for effective management of fleets, dispatch, warehouse, and other transportation components that are vital in the supply chain industry.

With ProphesyOne from Mile, a HighJump product, you gain access to powerful tools that can help you manage your supply chain business, all within your budget – and with a flexible setup that maximizes the ability for businesses of all sizes to access the software tools they need. From dispatch to integrated billing features, ProphesyOne offers you all the tools you’ve ever wanted in trucking software programs.

The Power of Large Trucking Software Programs With Your Needs in Mind

ProphesyOne is built to your specifications to fulfill your needs. Instead of offering a pre-packaged solution for your business, our consultants will work with you to determine in what areas you wish to expand. From there, we will prepare viable software options to help you meet those needs, keeping your budget and growth plan in mind. ProphesyOne consultants have years of industry experience, but we understand that is no replacement for your business sense and your business plan.

Truck dispatch software from ProphesyOne can be installed server side in your establishment, or used via cloud systems that provide easy access anywhere a console connects to the web. With so many options, you can tailor your fit directly to your needs, from a slow start up that will expand software offerings later, to a complete overhaul to automate your entire distribution process.

Incorporate EDI Into Your Transportation Software Needs

EDI, or electronic data interchange, is increasingly a vital and highly utilized part of the transportation and supply chain field. With ProphesyOne, you get EDI compatible capability to automate the billing and invoicing process and integrate deliveries with your existing accounting department. With computer-to-computer communication, orders can be processed accurately and quickly, speeding up your payments and reducing errors in the delivery process brought about by old-fashioned paper systems. Even without EDI, ProphesyOne offers streamlined billing and invoicing modules to help ensure accurate and timely delivery and payment. Not all companies can afford big-budget pre-packaged trucking software programs, but with ProphesyOne, you will have the same powerful kind of computing power within your reach.