Trucking Software That Meets Your Versatile Needs

If you are looking for trucking software to help your business grow, look no further than Prophesy from Accellos and, a HighJump product. Prophesy is top of the line transportation software with the flexibility and modular design to let you implement what you need instead of wasting time on software that doesn’t do what you want.

The many aspects of transportation and shipping are complicated and varied, and you need them to work together. Truck dispatch software needs to include the components you require – from dispatch to mileage tracking to load management tools – and it needs to accomplish these tasks with integration into your existing accounting systems, and with ease of use for your employees. This is not exactly a short list of requirements!

Prophesy delivers all of these aspects, giving you trucking software with flexibility and power to streamline the entire shipping operation. With Prophesy, you can focus on getting goods from point A to point B, not software worries.

Trucking Software Can Help Keep Track of the Details

Prophesy helps you keep track of all the small details that can make transportation so cumbersome to manage. For fleet owners, you can track your mileage per truck, monitor repairs, predict needs for upcoming work, record fuel and fuel used for IFTA reporting, and even find trends that tell you when a truck is turning into a lemon that needs to be taken off the road. Dispatch tools can help keep your dispatch and drivers in communication for optimal routing and last minute changes to loads or location updates.

Meanwhile, integration with accounting means faster and more accurate billing, invoicing, and receiving. Prophesy helps you keep track of all the minutiae that can cause errors in accounting, inventory, or even cause lost shipments – all setbacks your business can’t afford.

Build What You Need and Want

Prophesy is specifically designed to meet the needs of a small or medium transportation business that is growing. With decades of experience in the transportation industry, we understand your need for powerful tools without a powerful price tag. Our consultants will help you choose the key transportation management software components you need to start streamlining and digitizing the transportation process, be that warehouse management tools, dispatch help, or mileage and fuel tracking. You can choose other upgrades later, letting you transition your business a piece at a time without overwhelming your employees or your budget. For the best trucking software available, look to Prophesy and HighJump today.