Trucking Dispatching Software You Need to Make Your Dispatch More Efficient

There is no question that trucking dispatching software can help streamline the lifeblood of your transportation company – namely, the dispatch. Without dispatch, your trucks would be lost, shipments wouldn’t be properly routed, and keeping track of what is going, what is coming, and where it all ends up would be a nightmare.

For years, dispatch relied on duplicate copies of paperwork, white boards, and phone calls to work properly. Today, however, many companies have turned to trucking software to help streamline their dispatching processes. Software can provide several major benefits to a dispatch center, as it allows for quick communication, automated and accurate tracking of various fleet movements and needs, and eliminates paperwork for your employees.

Not all trucking dispatching software, however, is designed with every business in mind. Some software meets the needs of large corporations but isn’t suitable for small or medium-sized business. Some truck dispatch software simply doesn’t meet your specific needs. You need ProphesyOne from Accellos, a HighJump product. With ProphesyOne you get dispatch software that has the power and flexibility you need, with customizable features and an affordable price tag.

Powerful Trucking Dispatching Software That Meets Your Needs

ProphesyOne makes the efficiency of your dispatch skyrocket. Automate communication between warehouse, dispatch, and your fleet with single point data entry that updates all needed parties at once. Reroute trucks easily and quickly with dispatch tools that let you map their current locations, time to delivery, and any load changes with expediency. Keep your clients in the loop with real-time updates to their shipments, even when loads change or shipments get delayed.

With our transportation software, you can even track mileage, fuel use, IFTA taxation, and truck service records, all with a few simple clicks. With ProphesyOne, the nerve center for your fleet becomes automated, your staff stays on one page, and loads move faster than ever. Integrate with warehouse and accounting modules to fully automate your entire company, or upgrade only your dispatch services.

Customizable to Your Needs and Your Business

With ProphesyOne, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for your multi-point problems. Our consultants will bring their expertise in transportation software and the industry to you, and work with you to identify critical areas of need in your dispatch and business. From there, we’ll recommend software components to address your dispatch needs. Choose the elements and programs you require, instead of loading your computers with unneeded software. Customizable, scalable, and affordable is the ProphesyOne way. Look to us for your trucking dispatching software needs.