Use Trucking Dispatch Software to Track Your Fleet

If your trucking dispatch software is not up to the task of tracking all of the information you need – or if you are still using old paper-based administrative systems – a new world of trucking software awaits you that will increase your productivity and efficiency. While old paper-based systems may have served you for years, outdated software and laborious administrative tasks can really slow down your dispatcher's ability to function properly in today’s busy shipping world.

Prophesy dispatch software from HighJump can help you bring your dispatch up to speed, letting you integrate your transportation process, track your fleet, and keep up with ever-changing regulations and ratings with ease. Best yet, Prophesy's modular nature lets you choose the features you need, making it one of the most popular and flexible transportation software suites available today.

Trucking dispatch software integrates with your current accounting systems

One of the most complicated administrative tasks for any dispatcher is combining trucking dispatch software with accounting software. Separate programs increase the number of data entry points and, thus, the potential for data entry errors. Furthermore, separate coding systems may cause errors in communication or shipment sorting.

An integrated system is thus integral to the smooth running of your dispatch. Prophesy, a HighJump product, integrates seamlessly with existing Quickbooks accounting systems, and also works with Peachtree and Sage, improving your dispatch-to-accounting communication in one easy step.

Keep your dispatch up to date and efficient

With ratings and regulations constantly changing, it is important that your dispatch be able to keep track of various points of quality control and regulations. Simple systems allow you to see the most up-to-date regulations and fees, and apply them to existing or upcoming shipments. Shipment alterations are easy and quick, and reflect instantly in both accounting and billing. You will even be able to keep track of shipments, trailers, trucks, and drivers at all times, allowing you to maintain up-to-date records and information.

Prophesy enables the use of various security levels, which permit your clients to have up-to-date and real-time access to track their own shipments. Simply set security levels for your employee or client log-ins, and you can keep everyone up to date on one, easy-to-use system. Don’t spend hours answering tracking and customer service calls and filing paperwork when a few clicks of a system will keep everyone working together. With Prophesy, your dispatchers and the rest of your company will function as a single unit to maximize your efficiency, productivity, and profits. Get more details on the Prophesy software system from HighJump and Mile, and update your trucking dispatch software today!