Trucking Dispatch Software Keeps Your Trucks Moving in a Timely Manner

Dispatch is easily the most complicated management portion of a transportation business, but trucking dispatch software can help your dispatch run efficiently and smoothly, while reducing the need for employee hours and resources. Many experienced dispatchers remember the days of paper copies, multiple phone calls, and white boards to track fleet movements. Routes were mapped manually, paperwork was filed with numerous copies, and radios and phones made communication inconsistent.

Trucking dispatch software changed all of this, providing dispatchers with numerous digital tools to help dispatch run more efficiently and for trucks to remain in contact with their home base. Transportation software like ProphesyOne from Mile, a HighJump product, can help provide powerful tools to your dispatch team, all within your budget and business growth plan. With customizable tools and modules that you identify to target critical areas, your dispatch will automate tasks that will keep your trucks on the road and optimize their travel time, all while involving you and your clients in the information loop.

Powerful Tools in Trucking Dispatch Software

ProphesyOne’s greatest asset to your company is the powerful dispatch tools that it puts right at your fingertips. Fleet communication is a priority, and with ProphesyOne you gain digitally automated communication with your trucks that allows you to plan routes that your drivers can easily access. You can also change routes or loads and update drivers, or check in and ensure that a driver is remaining on task, on route and on time.

Modules for billing automate the invoicing process, updating your accounting department when orders are received and signed for – or even generating the bills automatically if you upgrade to electronic data interchange options. Truck dispatch software from ProphesyOne even allows you to track mileage, combine with load weights, and track IFTA taxation with easy automated reports that function off regularly updated tax tables.

Maintenance can also become a breeze with maintenance records, easily viewable data that shows routine maintenance time tables, and easy to use applications that can spot a large mechanical problem before it develops by examining maintenance trends across your fleet. With ProphesyOne, you can automate large portions of your dispatch system to better keep all portions of your company – and your clients – in the information loop.

Customize Your Software to Your Needs

ProphesyOne does not offer one-size-fits-all trucking software because there is no such thing as a “one-size” company. Our consultants work with you to identify your areas of critical need and development. We keep your installation requirements online, either through on-site installations or more flexible cloud-based options. Whatever your needs for trucking dispatch software are, ProphesyOne can meet them.