How Can Trucking Company Software Improve Your Reliability?

If you own or manage a trucking fleet, trucking company software can help improve your reliability and reputation with just a few simple clicks to integrate your entire operation into one seamless process. Organizing a fleet is a difficult task at best, with paperwork and constant communication making your job complicated. Every change in status or load must be communicated to dozens of people. Every inspection or repair on a truck must be logged and registered. Losing track of any one part of the process can cost your company thousands and sacrifice customer loyalty. Trucking company software like Prophesy from HighJump and can, however, help alleviate all the organizational hazards that befall a trucking company.

Communicate Transportation Changes Easily and Quickly with Trucking Company Software

Rather than using numerous paper copies, an over-used white board, or three dozen phone calls and texts to organize changed shipments, HighJump Prophesy software lets you keep track of, change, and alter shipment details with just a few clicks. There will be no more lost shipping information and paperwork, no more wasted time and energy transferring forms, and no more shipments that alter without everyone being on the same page. From loading to tracking to the driver to customer tracking, you can keep tabs on each shipment and monitor any changes. A few clicks notifies all needed parties of necessary shipping changes. With Prophesy you can even integrate your transportation with your billing and receiving. Prophesy seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks and other popular accounting programs, ensuring accurate and timely billing and receiving regardless of shipment changes. For fleet management, choose from truck service and tracking options. Keep track of regular maintenance and inspections to meet Department of Transport regulations. You can even analyze the cost of mileage per tire and determine when needed maintenance is approaching. Our customizable system gives you complete choice over which systems you need and which will help your company grow and organize shipments. Prophesy lets you choose management modules that you need to keep your transportation business running properly.

Keep Your Company's Reputation Intact

How can you possibly claim to be a professional transportation company if lost shipments, delays, and billing problems are a constant plague? Part of professional fleet and transportation management is customer trust. Without reliable tracking systems and procedures, fulfilling shipments reliably and in a timely manner is difficult at best. Missed and lost loads, incorrect loads, and botched billing all erode customer faith in a company. Prophesy lets you fulfill customer expectations without hassle or strain, saving your employee's time and resources and ensuring customer satisfaction. For the best in trucking company software, whatever functions you require, Prophesy from HighJump can fulfill your transportation management needs.