Trucking Company Software With Diverse Applications

Managing a trucking company can be complicated, but trucking company software can help streamline communication and increase accuracy in your shipping business. Whether you run a third party logistics and brokerage company, own your own fleet, are an owner-operator, or specialize in warehousing, you need tools that can help you build and grow your business without costing your entire yearly budget.

Enter Prophesy from Mile, a HighJump product. With Prophesy, you choose the components and modules you need, suited specifically to your business, to help take your old, clunky communication systems and update them into the twenty-first century. With Prophesy, you get trucking company software specifically designed by a company with decades of experience in the transportation industry. We know how to tailor freight brokerage software to your needs, instead of creating a “one size fits all” solution that doesn’t actually fit.

Freight Brokerage Software Designed For Third Party Solutions

Freight brokers have needs that are different from those of a private transportation fleet or a straight warehousing operation. You need to be able to optimize loads, manage multiple client loads, accurately and quickly see inventory and shipping manifests, and a host of other warehouse and shipping tasks that the average transport company simply doesn’t need. Most truck dispatch software, however, is designed for start-to-end transportation companies – one warehouse, single destinations, no extra clients.

With Prophesy trucking software, you get tools specifically designed for freight brokerage by a leading provider of freight brokerage solutions. Whether you need to manage load changes on the fly or see precisely which orders are moving on which trucks to optimize weight, mileage, and time, Prophesy can accommodate your needs. With Prophesy, you can see up to the minute updates on loads that your entire staff can access, putting everyone on one page with one-point data entry that limits and reduces clerical errors over multiple point systems. In this way you can increase accuracy, increase communication, and increase client satisfaction.

Trucking Company Software That Fits Your Current Model

You want transportation software that will update your business – but that doesn’t mean you want to get rid of everything you’ve already built. With Prophesy, you choose the software levels you need to update your business, and can add more later. Our consultants will help you choose the software package that’s best for you without adding in all the extras that just take up computer space and confuse employees. Later, you can build on the system, growing your communication and warehousing software along with the size of your business.

Best of all, Prophesy integrates readily with existing accounting systems such as Quickbooks, Peachtree, and other popular business accounting programs. With Prophesy, you get trucking company software that grows your business without breaking your budget or your existing structure.